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Your website is more than just a virtual storefront – it’s a chance to make an impression, to tell the world about what you do and why they should hire you to do it. It’s the online fulcrum of your brand, where all your marketing comes together to educate and, ultimately, drive revenue.


Finding the right marketing company comes down one main question: Who is going to understand you and your company? Marketing is a very broad field with a lot of different skills sets and expertise. A marketing company with experience helping sell budget brands is going to have a very different approach then one that has experience selling professional services or premium products. At AR we have significant experience with the following industries.

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When consumers want to know more about your company, the first place they visit is your website. A website is the most comprehensive representation of a company and is an integral part of setting consumer expectations. A well-designed website consists of organized content presented professionally and is intuitively navigable. By exhibiting a polished front to your audience, you are creating a lasting impression that speaks to the quality of your brand.

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Web Development is, first and foremost, not what most people think it is. It is not the design of a site, nor does it involve the creation of content. In a nutshell, web development is the creation of the platform where impressions will be made, information relayed, and professionalism showcased. Web development involves coding the predetermined designs, layouts, images, and video intended for the website into HTML, which is then integrated into a Content Management System (CMS).

Web development is critical to the success of your company. A website is your virtual storefront, it’s the place people go to find out more about your company. Therefore, it’s imperative that you have a website that is indicative of the quality and prestige of your brand. The creative quality, technical direction and feel of your website is what ignites attraction and imprints recognition on to the customer. This means a website that has high-quality content, is easy to navigate, and has excellent calls to action. A powerful website engages consumers, leaves a lasting impression on them and inspires them to act.

It may be hard for you to determine whether you need to update or build a new website for your company as both options have varying time and budget constraints. Here are a few questions to ask yourself to evaluate your current website and see what you are missing out on.

• The content on the website is dated and does not represent the company
• The site does not have video or high resolution photography
• The website does not present content in an intuitive manner.
• There is no layering of content (i.e. simple -> intermediate -> advanced)
• The coding of the website makes it hard to update and add new content.
• The site is not optimized for modern search engines
• The site is not designed for modern mobile devices
• The site is not designed to display well on high resolution screens
• The current website does not seem to produce any leads.
• We do not know if the website produces any leads.

Your online real estate is the most important aspect of your sales and marketing, it is your shop window and your brand rolled in to one. If you don’t have a clear answer to any of these questions, or the description sounds like your current website, we can help.

This depends on what you want to achieve with your website and what business goals you're trying to meet. There are also economic considerations as it is often more expensive to rebuild a website from the ground up than it is to redesign it. A good idea is to run a comprehensive assessment of your current offerings to better understand your needs.

In general, it's a good idea to redesign your website if any of these situations apply to you.

• There have been changes to your branding or logo
• Your current website has an unfavorable bounce rate
• The product or service you are offering has changed

Rebuilds are often considered a better recourse if any of these issues apply

• Your mobile website functionality is greatly impaired
• Your website is built on outdated technology
• Your website is slow, and cumbersome to use

The advancement of modern developer’s tools has made website creation a simple task. Anyone can make a website, but there’s more to web development than putting up a few pictures and some text. Professional web developers understand the intricacies of creating an online platform that conforms to your brand. When you hire our web development team, you aren’t getting a team of amateur web designers, you’re paying for a team of experienced professionals who understand your business goals and how to achieve them.

When a new website is designed and implemented it can mean a change of content management system (CMS) that is new to your company. There may need to be a change in the way that you add, edit, upload and manage your content which can seem overwhelming. This is why we offer a support package that conforms to your needs so that you get all the help you require during the crossover period.

Launching a website is not an inherently difficult matter. When the web design structure is completed, content is uploaded and ready for launch it is then linked to the domain name and becomes live. The real challenge comes when complications arise after the website is live. At Arc, we have the expertise to ensure your launch goes as smoothly as possible, and the experience to resolve unexpected problems as they arise.

Your website needs to contain SEO right down to the structure and web design, and using SEO in your titles, labels, content and internal matrix is called basic SEO. It is critical they are included to make sure the bots recognize your site and see it as SEO complete. If your company product is in a niche market with little competition, then basic SEO may be all that you need.

A wire frame is the first stage of web design. It is the map of the site laid out so that you can see the structure and flow of the finished website. It shows each element in relation to the next, so you can see where the text is in relation to the gallery or how the menu is integrated into the headings. It is the bare bones waiting for the content and design to flesh it out, but gives the general impression of what the website will turn out like. The design proof is the next stage of web design as the content and graphic design is added and allows the client to see the overall impression of the finished site.

A prototype site is essentially a preview build of the final website created from wire frame and design proofs in a simulated environment. Clients have access to their prototype sites to provide feedback that guides the project to a successful solution. It is important to make all the changes in the prototype environment so that you aren’t making small changes during the final moments leading up to the launch. The site reacts exactly as a live site would and gives an accurate impression of how the site will look live.

Creating the perfect web design needs a well thought out design brief and effective background research. Questions that need to be answered include: what do you want the web site to do? What do you want it to look like? What is your company image and branding, and how do you want it reflected in the web design? How do you want the navigation to run? What is your demographic? These questions help build a picture of the final design giving us a map to follow. Background research is then used to develop each aspect of the design by looking at other sites that have elements that ‘work’ the way you would like your website to. Layout, content, navigation, style and design are all researched so that the best designs can be incorporated into your finished web site.

Modern web design is built on content management systems (CMS) and different designs function better on different systems. By evaluating your website needs, we can select the optimal CMS to match your desired design. These systems take longer to build than the initial design, but run highly efficiently and are flexible and versatile. A common CMS platform for most small to medium sized business is WordPress as it can be easily managed by one person and is highly customizable. The drawback to WordPress is that its functionality is limited and is not ideal for larger more complex websites. If you’re interested in pursuing a more complex website, Drupal is a CMS that is highly regarded and allows for expansion and complex functions. If you are looking for more of an Ecommerce platform, Magneto has built in support for shopping cart and product information functionality. There are countless other CMS that provide efficient and versatile services, you just simply need to find one that matches your needs and web designs.

Web design is a delicate balance between technical web development and quality content and if either is missing, the resulting website will not draw in your chosen demographic. A web design project may stall due to a lack of quality content, or the content being incompatible with the overall design. Another common reason a web design project stalls is because of communication bottlenecks. At each important stage of the design we request that the client review our work and sign off on the changes. This sign off allows the client to monitor the project and confirm the web design is going in the right direction. If there is a delay on the sign off however, it sets us back as we cannot proceed without your approval. Prompt review and communication are key to ensuring that your project stays on schedule.

Due to the complex nature of web design and the interaction of so many different elements, it’s difficult to estimate an exact completion time. If you consider all the information that needs to be gathered to fill a website, such as photographs, copy, graphic design and SEO, it can be a massive undertaking to organize and quality check each part. Furthermore, the message of a website needs to be sculpted and layered to fulfill the design brief and as the client visualizes where the web design is going, sometimes adjustments need to be made. No two web sites are alike, so no two projects take the same amount of time, but at the end of the process you will have web site you can be proud of, completed in a reasonable amount of time.

Yes – always, or what is the point to having a website? Potential leads need information to help them make the decision the buy, but if all you do is inform and don’t ask for them to become involved they will start to stray. Calls to action invite the user to become a lead, allowing you to guide them through the sales process to a successful conclusion. There may be a few pages that you need to guide them through, augmented by email campaigns and online marketing, but if you don’t invite your lead to buy they may not be motivated to do so. Calls to action can be as simple as a ‘call us’ button, or capturing their contact info with a pop up, but something has to be achieved from a page, or the page is not an effective online marketing tool.

A website is an invaluable tool for converting leads into sales or advertising to potential consumers. Your site can also establish credibility by presenting key information in a professional way. By ensuring your website:

• Is user-friendly
• Has excellent Calls to Action
• Is well-optimized for search engines

you set up the perfect environment for a customer to get invested. At Arc Reactions, we understand the foundations of online marketing. We can help you reach the right audience and reap the rewards of effective inbound marketing.

There are many metrics you can use to track your website's success:

• The time people spend on each page
• Which pages they viewed
• How many immediately come to the page and leave

All are examples of valuable metrics. This information can help you track the sales funnel, which content increases leads, and how many more leads come via your site. It can also help you simplify adjustments to the site design, navigation or page flow, and help you create content that leads to more sales.

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