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Nothing speaks to a company’s professionalism like quality photography. Don’t leave your company’s image in the hands of an amateur: if a picture is worth a thousand words, then that’s a thousand ways to make a sale…or a thousand ways to lose one. Professional photography takes a lot more than just a camera – location, lighting, hair, makeup, and expertise all combine to create the perfect shot.



It’s tempting to assign a junior member of your company to take photos of your products and services based on the fact they own an expensive camera. The motive may be to keep expenses down, but the price in lost company image, giving an economy impression of a first-class product and downgrading the impact of your marketing may be far costlier than what you end up saving. At Arc Reactions, we don’t compromise on quality; we use only the best equipment and bring in professional photographers who have the proper education, experience, and talent to create persuasive marketing photographs that can easily raise the bar on your company image and brand.

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They say life imitates art. At Arc Reactions life doesn’t imitate art – life is art. We have proved by pushing the boundaries of Calgary Web design that life and art have become almost one. If you want to get noticed by the world – give the world a picture. A well-conceived, planned, organized, and executed photo speaks for itself and stands out in a noisy world. The right photo transcends language, age, and race and instantly sear itself into the mind. Nothing speaks more eloquently and more clearly about you and your company than photography. If you have a brand (and especially if you don’t), we have a picture for you.

This question is better rephrased as, ‘Why is professionalism important to my business?’ If anyone who owned a camera could take professional photographs, then there wouldn’t be a billion-dollar industry for professional photographers. What can a professional photographer add to your business? Let’s put it in perspective; if you were getting married, who would you trust to take your photographs? A professional, experienced photographer, or a tourist you grabbed off the street who happened to be wearing a camera? It’s the same principle: you want to look good, you want to optimize capturing the mood, and you want to create memories. A professional photographer does that. You already know that a picture paints 1,000 words, but no one thinks about what type of words they are painting. You want your 1,000 words to be credible, positive, and forceful for all the right reasons, but the wrong image can also paint 1,000 words that are better not put into print. Professional photos create the right atmosphere and convey a strong message of 1,000 positive words that is easily digestible by your audience and builds up the image of your company.

To make sure your company can compete with a digital world in your industry, you need to take an inventory of your photography. See how many images you have, and examine the quality. What do those images say to you? Compare them to the points below and see if they sound familiar:

• There is no photography for the company
• The photographs the company uses are not up to date
• The photography is not representative of the size / level of professionalism of the company

Quality, company-specific photographs are necessary to the success of your company. Images have voices, so make sure they speak to the credibility of your company and draw in your chosen demographic. We at Arc Reactions can create photos that showcase your brand and express how important your company is to your consumer. Just ask us how.

At Arc Reactions we don’t compromise when it comes to quality of equipment and we’re confident that this stance is reflected in the brilliance of the images we capture. We use Canon ‘L’ professional series camera equipment, including the widest of wide-angle lenses that take photos encompassing a full 180 degrees, a 1,000mm telephoto lens that can take high-resolution images of details too small to see with standard lenses, and a range of large aperture lenses for every occasion. We also have a comprehensive range of professional lighting equipment to compliment the quality cameras, including speed lights, studio strobes, LED light panels, continuous daylight balancing lights, and reflectors for use both in studio and on location.

Having the right equipment is vital to the outcome of every job. If you are a professional baker the equipment you buy from your local grocery store is not going to give you the results necessary to provide an adequate service to your customers. In today’s competitive market an adequate service is not enough to run a successful business. Using low quality or incorrect equipment for a job is setting yourself up for failure. It is the same with photography. Professional photographic equipment captures amazing images as that is what it is designed to do. They can be infinitely manipulated and calibrated to create photos that are almost unbelievable, at resolutions that makes them useful for any media…but that versatility comes at a price. If you want professional-quality images you need professional-quality camera equipment, and professional-quality lighting. Photography equipment sold to general consumers just doesn’t have the capacity to take professional-quality pictures. Along with the right camera equipment comes another element – you need the camera in the right hands. Setting up a fantastic shot takes times, and waiting until everything is at the zenith of perfection to take the shot is everything. This takes skill and talent. Arc Reactions is lucky to have a talented team of photographers that care about each image, and make sure it is their best. After all, what’s the point of bringing a $30,000 camera if you’re going to have it operated by a monkey?

Stock photographs are great to use under two circumstances: you are marketing a service as opposed to product, or there are budget restrictions. Intangible services like accounting or law firms are hard to express in photographs as there is no product to market. Stock photography is good for inserting a range of ambient photographs that express the essence of the company in an ethereal manner. They are also a much more economical way of accessing high-quality professional images. There is a downside, however: these photos are more generic and can be used by any company. If your competitor also picks the same image to represent his business – how will your customers know which company is which? Or even worse, if there is a big disparity in quality, how can they remember which business they prefer? Stock photos are not appropriate when you can have a personalized, professional photo taken. For instance, what has more marketing power – a stock photo of trucks, or a high-quality photo of a fleet of your branded trucks in front of your building? What says more about your company?
Your photography needs to express what you do, so if you have specific equipment or processes it is better to have an image of those than a generic one. You cannot market a product or service you did not create, so stock photography of builders working on a building you did not build may have far-reaching ramifications on the credibility of your company. Images can sell a company better than text can – but only if they are the right images. Professional personalized photography sells products. Period.

Raw Images:
Raw images are sometimes called ‘out of camera’, or OOC, images. These are the images exactly as they were taken, with no editing or post-production work at all. You would need these images if you wanted to do the post-production yourself, or are extremely budget-conscious and wanted to reduce cost. To get the most out of your images we do not recommend using the raw image in your marketing, as careful optimization can add so much more value to the picture.

Post Editing (Optional):
Raw images are taken and edited so that they can do full justice to the story within the image. Color balancing, brightness adjustments, and other elements of the photo are manipulated to produce an image that is optimized for the marketing goal it was created for. Post editing is recommended for all the images we take so that your company image is presented at its best.

Finalized Images:
After the images are optimized and made ready, the selection of finalized photos is completed and these images are cropped accordingly. They are then put into the right format for your needs and delivered for you to use.

Usage Rights:
The images we create for you are your images. You own the images and have the right to use them as you wish with no restrictions. We do retain the limited right, however, to showcase your photos in promotional material for Arc Reactions.

A professional photograph goes through two specific stages of production. The first is the setting up and capturing of the raw image, then the raw image is processed in post-production to optimize it. Raw images are never used in professional marketing as they lack the ‘pop’ that can be achieved with a little post-production editing. In post-production editing the image goes through colour balancing and correction, exposure time correction, touching up, and error adjustment. Although great care is taken to create the right image at the time of capture, errors do occur and a photo may not always be perfect. Post production is a chance to correct anything that distracts from the narrative of the photo and raise the level of the image to its full potential.

Every image tells a story and a creative marketing agency knows how to use that narrative to influence an audience. Different types of photos create different narratives and here you can see how:

Photos of people give your company a sense of gravitas. People relate to people and knowing the face behind a function or voice quickly helps to build a bond with your chosen demographic.

Interior shots provide credibility to your company. The client can see what type of organization your company is by the space it occupies. Photos of the interior also help establish a sense of familiarity.

Landscapes often bring a sense of placement with a client, so that they can visualize your company in the right setting. They can also suggest more ethereal concepts like ‘old age’ with a setting sun, or ‘solidity’ with marble statues and monumental buildings.

Exterior shots of a company can give your client a complete picture of the quality of your business, but also an idea of scale.

Photos of equipment, both idle and operating, suggest a work ethic but also establish the context in which your business operates. They allow your client to bond to the process and feel more confident in your capabilities.

If you are marketing a service, then you need pictures of people going about their daily business. There is a sense of transparency that comes with images of people doing their jobs that reassures consumers.

Every company we work with has a different project with different needs and different schedules. Some companies book a photo shoot and can give us a definite date and time for it to be conducted. Other companies have a more fluid schedule where the equipment or staff they need to capture in images is continually deployed, so the shoot can only be conducted when all the resources come together. We can accommodate both schedules with fixed bookings and standby days. A photo shoot requires a lot of equipment and a scheduled time with no distractions, so if your schedule requires some flexibility we can schedule standby days. These days are set apart in our calendar with no other pressing matters, and the equipment is packed and ready to deploy if the conditions are right for the photo shoot to be conducted. These shoots can depend on the weather, availability of staff and equipment, or the scenarios you want to capture on film. This allows us to be flexible and be there when you need us.

Our professional photographers can capture on-site or on location photography, or create images in our marketing agency studio. Good photography relies on good planning. You must plan around the weather, the subject matter, and understanding what you want to achieve and how you are going to achieve it before you even set out on a shoot. A detailed plan is drawn up for every photo shoot we do and all eventualities are taken into consideration. Our plans are also flexible. At Arc Reactions, we understand that people, subjects, and locations can become unavailable due to business demand, but we are very adaptable in our technique so that we make the most of what we have. There is always a contingency plan for lighting, resources, and staging so the work can carry on.

There is a significant ROI in professional photography when used in a mixed media marketing setting. Professional photographs are designed to be attractive images – they entice people to look further – and in a marketing sense, they attract your chosen audience to look further. They are also there to tell a visual story of the quality and credibility of your company. Good quality marketing collateral with professional images provides proof and a validation of your company and saves your sales force time in trying to convince a client of your capability in your industry. Clients can instantly see the care and attention you put into your brand and translate this into the care and attention you will put into their business if they deal with you. Images are easy to digest and extract information from and are usually the most memorable part of marketing collateral, so make sure they present your company at its best.

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