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GKG was a concept client, the idea was that they approached us to create a media portfolio for them; we were impressed with their drive and vision and could see that what we had to create for them was something far removed from the ordinary. The idea was that they wanted something intrinsically artistic, effusing a bold message that creativity was the media. They did not want anything to detract from the concept that style was the conduit and art the communique. It was very clear we had to explore options that were not usually embraced as a concept, and that we had to take them almost to a point of exploitation to flesh out a striking, innovative almost seductive campaign. It was a very exciting prospect and an exhilarating project to be involved in.


By considering the demographic were trying to reach, and what we were trying to achieve, we decided we needed a constant angle to work from. All media projects need a cohesive thread to ground the images and actualize the brand but this project needed a thread that was subtle but clear. As we explored the concepts we visualized the images from the point of view of a camera. This became our vanishing point, and it soon became the abstraction for the whole project. By using marking guides universally recognized on the viewfinder of a camera as a brand, it was expressive but indistinct. The whole campaign became based on the ‘view from the camera’.


The colour palette was kept to a very slim 4 toned spectrum. A basic monochrome could also have been used, but we wanted something that was more confidently conceptual. By having more dramatic variations in a closed colour group allowed us to produce a more aesthetic atmosphere. Vast expanses of barren colour were used to offset the models, but also to focus on the viewfinder brand. GKG’s initials were introduced to reinforce the company image but recessed by colour and placement. The written media was translated into monochrome to raise the bar on drama and to be bold in identity statement. The effect was exactly the campaign that we were looking for to reach the demographic GKG wanted to work with and were pleased to identify as the foundation for more projects to come.

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