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So you’ve established your business, you have a fancy website, set up all your social media accounts, and have beautiful business cards and brochures to hand out. But how do you get the attention of strangers and turn them into potential customers? This is where lead generation comes in. It is the process of stimulating consumer interest in your product or service and converting that interest into prospective clients. Lead generation can be used to build email lists, create potential sales leads and develop member loyalty programs.


Lead Generation simplifies the sales process. Instead of trying to convince a wide audience that they need your product, you are engaging with a narrower subset of potential buyers who have already expressed interest in your product or service. Lead generation not only gives your sales team focus but it allows you to reach key niche audiences.


Great graphic design, brilliant copywriting and a strong social media presence might get your business recognized, but effective lead generation converts that recognition into sales. Lead Generation represents an easy way to connect with consumers who are looking for a product or service that you offer. Successful use of lead generation can give you a better picture of your existing customers, help you identify potential customers, connect with important decision-makers, and most importantly increase sales.

At Arc Reactions, we are all about customization. We understand that your business is unique and your target market reflects those intricacies. That’s why we’ll work closely with you to develop a customized lead generation campaign tailored to your specific needs. Whether you need an email campaign to reach new clients, a website optimized to give you more information about your audience, or social media savvy to connect with key decision makers, we have the solution that matches your needs.

Lead generation is beneficial to a business as it has a direct and profound impact on your Return on Investment. When you talk about the success of a company, the conversation eventually boils down to sales numbers. This is where lead generation really shines. The fact of the matter is, the more leads you have, the more sales you’ll get. Lead generation brings focus to your company as you can now tailor your marketing efforts to target these high-value consumers, and provide your sales team with a list of contacts that are more receptive to their efforts.

At its core lead generation is about sifting through the crowd and finding the right people to sell to. You may not be sure if lead generation is for you, but if any of these criteria sound familiar it might be a service worth considering.

• Sales are stagnating
• You want to explore new markets
• You want to improve and refine your sales and marketing process
• Your sales depend on reaching high level executives

Lead Generation has numerous benefits for the right company and our team of talented professionals has the experience and skills necessary to produce high-quality leads in an efficient manner.

A lead refers to a potential sales contact who has indicated interest in your company’s product or service. Although leads are not guaranteed customers, if they are engaged properly they can easily be converted into prospects and eventually into a sale. Leads are valuable as they represent high-value targets for your company to pursue, and gives focus to your sales teams.

There are numerous kinds of leads, so it really depends on your definition of “lead”. It can be anything from identifying potential new consumers from a niche market, to gauging interest to a new service from existing customers or even connecting with important decision-makers in large companies and everything in between. No matter what kind of lead you are looking for, we have the technical expertise and social know-how to get you a list of qualified leads.

Ethical concerns are naturally raised when it comes to the acquisition of information and lead generation is no different. The current landscape is rife with lead agencies who use unethical practices to attain leads or provide intentionally misleading information. At Arc Reactions, we hold ourselves to the highest ethical standards, and adhere to industry best practices to provide you with high-quality leads that are relevant to your business.

Each Lead Generation campaign is tailor-made for a specific industry and business. As each business has a different segment of customers, the method of reaching each segment also varies. The most common methods include:

• Website and Social Media Optimization
• Effective advertising
• Referral Systems
• Special Promotions

Having an in-house lead generation team is definitely an option but it ultimately comes down to cost. Recruiting and training a team that understands your business, your target market and how to reach them is an exhausting endeavor. This is further exacerbated by the high turnover rates of such positions. Another option is to have your sales force generate their own leads, but this presents another set of complications. Your salespeople know your company better than anyone else and are experts on your products and services. Their talents are best utilized in front of potential customers rather than grinding through raw lists. Lead generation companies are masters at what they do. They understand what to look for, how to reach the right audience and how to get proven results.

You can aid the process by providing a clear definition of the demographic you want to reach out to. Qualities such as age range, job title, industry, and psychological characteristics are all factors that can help narrow our search and speed up the process. Having a detailed profile of what a potential lead looks like, not only gives our search focus, but provides you with much higher quality leads.

At Arc Reactions, we're no strangers to niche industries. Our team of lead generation experts have worked with a number of high profile technical clients and are ready to put that experience to use for you. Our process is simple, we work with you to truly understand your business and your product. This understanding allows us to paint a picture of your ideal customer and from there we can determine the optimal methods to qualify the lead.

Lead Generation has a direct impact on your ROI for the simple fact that more leads means more sales. Lead generation is more than just identifying potential customers for your business. It's about optimizing the time of your sales force. The more time your sales people spend talking to consumers who are receptive to their pitch, the better the impact on your bottom line. Investing in a lead generation service allows you to focus your marketing and sales efforts on high value consumers.

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