26th Jan 2015

Marketing in Calgary

Nowhere in the country is there more of a need to use all the leverage that marketing has to offer than Calgary. Marketing in Calgary is fast paced, artistic, sophisticated and above all – state of the art. No average, or even above average, marketing will do. Calgarians demand the best that Calgary marketing has to offer, and they deserve to get it. In general, the employed population of Alberta are hardworking, entrepreneurial people, conscientious about their jobs with a spirit of free thinking. It’s our job to make sure that your marketing in Calgary matches your company brand.

Why is it so important that we match your marketing to marketing in Calgary? Simply put, more than 50% of mobile searches are local, and more than 85% of purchases are made within a 24km radius of the consumer’s home. Your business branding and company image has to appeal to your audience if you want to attract ready to buy customers, and the majority of your credit wielding consumer audience is likely to come from just outside your front door. You have to know how to appeal to them, to reach them, to be successful.

Making sure your marketing in Calgary is in all the right places means that you need to understand the complexities of branding issues. You must be able to manage and produce multiple content across multiple platforms, sometimes to and from multiple locations, and presenting it in multiple ways without leaking any sales out of the system which leads to losing customer loyalty. Does it sound like a job for a professional? Really, it is. The era of the trite billboard ad and homemade flyer being the mainstay of your local advertising are long gone, but that doesn’t mean that they are dead and buried. They have just been refined.

You need to be sure that you connect with your local clients, fans, leads and prospects where they are familiar, and that is almost always online. Your web design  is now the local shop front of your company, but it has to stand out in the morass of media that is also online.

You need to be sure your Calgary marketing is the top in these three areas:

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)


Search engine optimization (SEO) is a MUST for anyone wanting to be found on the internet. There’s a long standing joke amongst marketers that the best place to hide a dead body is the second page of Google, and sadly, it’s true. No one, apart from writers and researchers like me, go past search result number four or five in a Google search, so if you want to be where your audience is, it’s the top page of Google – or die!



The next imperative step to navigate after being found is how your brand interacts with the typical Calgary customer. Your engagement needs to be focused at your local customers and then those further afield. It’s easy to fill up your website and social media with generic detail or non-specific terminology, but you should be looking to maximize your local availability to encourage people to walk in through your front doors. Sales leads further away will have less loyalty as they have less personal interaction to secure them as a return customer.

Knowing the marketing scene in Calgary and focusing on what appeals to them will open out your company to a great demographic in the local area, but also on the web. A web site and social media that is confident in where it is, that is attractive and shows confidence in its abilities is always well regarded by all viewers.

Inbound leads


Inbound marketing is the kind of media you employ to ensure that leads come to you. It may sound like the Holy Grail of marketing in Calgary, but it can be done. You can use local billboards, flyers, QR codes and advertisements with your campaign details on, but they have to speak with a Calgary voice. The more local it is, the louder it will be. Your website also plays a big part of achieving local, inbound marketing by ranking high the search engines and producing content that resonates with the city. You need to know what marketing in Calgary ‘sells’ to get inbound leads and usually the people that know best are Calgary marketing companies.

Your marketing, whatever the audience you are aiming for, needs to be distinct, focused and creative. At Arc reactions we can create you well-crafted and branded Calgary marketing that finds the right people, then helps nurture them into a customer. Being on top of all that is necessary to be the kind of mixed media that can’t be ignored is an art – and here at AR is the place where art meets brand.