5th Feb 2020

Why You Shouldn’t Fear a Career Change

2020 is the decade of change, new firsts, expanding horizons and believing that all things are possible! Because, where there’s a will there’s a way. Becoming a mature student and stepping way outside of my comfort zone has led me to embark on a career change. A year ago I would have never expected to be doing what I am doing today. This year, my daughter will be graduating from Grade 12 and beginning her journey of life, while I will be starting a new journey with completion of school, a practicum and a career change.


Why I Made Drastic Career Change:

The Calgary economy crashed

My life required change & new direction


The First Steps:

Complete a personal evaluation of skills

Create a checklist of likes and dislikes

Research programs and different schools

Get funding in place through the government (there are a lot available, you have to look and ask for help!)

Be brave

Go do it!


As a practicum student in Business and Digital Media, I am in awe that I completed this program and did exceptionally well in it. When I first embarked on this journey there were many days that I questioned what I was doing and what was I thinking! Thankfully, I had my cheerleading squad on days where I thought “I can’t do this”. They were there to get me back on track. My greatest cheerleader would tell me, “You are smart”, “You are going to do GREAT!”. I cannot overstate the importance of developing a strong support system before you undertake a major life change. I may not be 20 or even 30, but I persevered and in doing so, I have learned so much. This journey has shown me that if one has the desire, drive and perseverance great things can be accomplished. After all, I am living proof.

In the beginning, school was very challenging, however, if you apply yourself and take it one day at a time it all connects. Being older and more mature I felt would bring on challenges. I was happy to be proven wrong, not only were their peers my age, but there were several young at heart students who also believed that they could do anything!


“All it takes is courage and gumption.”


The Interview:

Attending college has given me the confidence to know that if I can do this, I can do anything. When I went for my practicum interview, I treated it like it was a job. To prep for my interview, I started with researching the company. Firstly, I reviewed their website, read their blog posts, staff profiles, and even completed a dry run to find the office to ensure I wouldn’t be late. I prepared questions for the interviewer and did a practice interview to prepare for the real thing. I readied myself with mantras like “You can do this!” and “You have trained for 9 months, you got this!”. 

The first day of my practicum was much easier than anticipated. I had been working up to this new career for several months. All the knowledge and skills I gained throughout my education allowed me to seamlessly fit into my new role as Marketing Assistant at Arc Reactions. 

Final Thoughts: 

Many people and even companies hold themselves back because of doubts; never reaching their full potential. Through this process, I have learned that you can overcome barriers and reach new heights if you believe in yourself and follow your dreams. This is true not only for individuals but for corporations. Thinking outside the box and trying new things is the only way to change the present. I look forward to applying these lessons I have learned to the next phase of my career and life.