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Copywriting is text that describes or sells something. It’s all your written marketing material: on your website, in social media, on brochures, etc. It impacts your brand identity, how search engines rank your website, and turns prospects into sales..



While text may seem mundane compared to the visual impact of a striking image, copywriting is as much art as graphic design. A talented wordsmith can transform written pieces into compelling narratives that can captivate audiences, get them invested, prompt discussions and incite action.

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Words have power. Pictures may draw you in, but it’s the power of words that compels you to buy. Copywriting is all about saying the right things to the right people. A few simple lines of text can elicit strong desires and emotions from consumers. Take a Michelin-Star restaurant for instance; their menus list only the name of a dish and a brief description in an elegant font. Yet those few words are enough to spark the imagination and appetite of the customer. That’s the power of effective copywriting: knowing your audience and picking the right words to resonate with them. Successful copywriting has the power to create a lasting bond with consumers, and turns potential leads into actual sales.

History has proven the power of words. While the right word can turn a prospect into a sale, the wrong one can degrade a promising lead into a missed opportunity. While it’s true that everyone can “write”, professional copywriters understand that connecting with an audience requires developing a unique, yet professional voice for the company they represent, and that building trust takes time. Many companies make the mistake of underestimating the importance of clean, concise, and informative copy. Grammatical errors, vague wording, inconsistency, and lack of focus in messaging are just some of the many ways that great companies can lose promising opportunities. With so much at stake, why settle for “pretty good”?

Evaluating the current copy on your web site is not an easy thing to do, but if you don’t have persuasive copy, you need to remedy the situation as soon as possible. Look at your copy and see how it measures up:

• Is very little in the way of descriptions of your products or services?
• Do the descriptions of your products and services need updating?
• Has your existing copy been optimized for keywords / SEO?
• Is your current copy outdated or unexciting?
• Does the text not accurately relate to your brand?
• Are you drawing people in to your website?
• Is your bounce-back rate high and your time spent on page figures low?
• How effective are your Calls To Action?
• Is the text difficult to understand?

Don’t underestimate the power of effective copywriting, but at the same time, don’t be frightened by it either! Arc Reactions has a team of dedicated and successful copywriters that can produce the copy that your chosen demographic wants to read. Become a leader in your industry and reach out to more consumers with copy written by Arc Reactions!

While both terms are often used synonymously with each other, they are not the same. Content marketing is about writing content that has a marketing purpose, whereas copywriting focuses on inciting some form of action. Both styles of writing have their merits; for example, you could have high-quality content, but if it doesn’t elicit any action, then what good is it? Similarly, a blog with clear call to action functions won’t make up for an absence of real content. When both are used in tandem, it creates effective and captivating content that will engage your audience.

Copywriters are used to writing SEO copy. Optimizing for search engines is second nature and always at the forefront of their writing. It is in their interests to keep ahead of the SEO curve and make sure the copy is current and effective. A good copywriter wants your copy to rank high in the searches as that is the point of the copy – it validates their writing, and they will work with you to get you as high as you can go. Engaging content is only half of the focus of advertising articles; ranking high in the search engine results is also just as important. A copywriter will use their knowledge and skill to craft a highly readable article that the search engine bots love.

Research is part of a copywriter’s brief. Good writing is born from a combination of understanding your audience and knowing your content, our copywriters couple both these qualities with their natural talent for writing effective copy to produce the best possible end-product for you.

Copywriting is also known as ‘the written salesman’, so they may look at the information you give them, or find in research, and approach it from another angle. Remember – the point of copy is to sell through engaging writing, not so much as to inform or showcase knowledge. There is plenty of public information available on most industries and a copywriter is trained to extract exactly what is needed. It is not necessary for you to trawl though boat loads of information to give to them, unless it is unique to your company, or the project. We aim to make this process as painless as possible for you.

Copywriting is an all-encompassing term for any text that sells. Some common copywriting services we offer include:

• Blog posts
• Website copy
• Sales brochure content
• Presentations
• Proposals/RFPs
• Social media copy
• Sales pitches

Copywriters are very flexible and work with what they’ve got to produce the copy that matches your needs. It may be perfect the first time, or it may take several rewrites, but ultimately you will end up with a piece of copy that is effective, persuasive and attracts people to your site. With all the content that is out there, there’s no better way to draw people in than with a piercing piece of writing from a professional copywriter.

Arc Reactions’ copywriting team will edit and proof your writing if you wish to write copy for yourself. It is important to make sure the final copy is professional and persuasive so it may need a few edits. You do not have to take the advice of the copywriting team, but writing to sell is vastly different from any other type of writing, and takes a certain skill set to be done effectively. It may even work out cheaper to have the piece written for you if you take into account the time you spend writing, what you could have been doing, then rewriting to include the edits. It may also save you a large amount of frustration!

The process for the complete piece may vary depending on the media. The usual process is that the original material is gathered and a brief is worked out. This may be in written form, a recorded interview or prepared by the client. Together we will work out the style and purpose you wish to use, or it will be picked out from the material supplied. After that, the talented team from Arc Reactions will prepare the copy. The copy will be proofed and edited by you and any revisions that are needed to be made will be met, and the final copy produced.

Of course! You can write your own copy but the goal of all copy is to stand out from all the rest of the ‘noise’. There are many types of copy and each needs a different style of writing. Blogs, web pages, social media management, advertising and brochures all attract a certain demographic, wanting to consume a specific type of content. If you can ‘roll’ with the media then writing your own copy is easy, but no matter who writes it, the copy itself ultimately must be persuasive and have the ability to sell.

If you aren’t happy with the copy that is written it will be rewritten until it is acceptable. Remember a copywriter writes for your audience not for you, so it may not be exactly as you would write, but it will be what your audience needs to read. By being removed from the industry, a copywriter can bring a fresh perspective and a better understanding of what is needed, rather than what is typical.

Once the piece goes through its final copy and is approved by you, the piece is yours, including the copyright. This means that you are free to use it as you wish in any media. You can except it, précis it or turn it into a three-part novel as you see fit. You do not need to reference the author, and can even note the author as yourself or company.

The copywriting process is one that we are intimately familiar with and we will guide you through it step-by step to produce the effective copy you want. You will need to provide us with an idea of what you want accomplished, what market you are aiming at, SEO keywords you want to target and anything you want that is unique to your company. You may need to provide any extra guidance that arises from the copy as it is written, and you must proof the final copy. The process is quick and efficient and you can be confident it will not take too much of your time.

Copywriting is a hard to quantify aspect of a successful business, but it is a necessary one. Copywriting is all about telling a story. A story that appeals to your consumers and convinces them that your products and services are right for them. Good copywriting embeds itself into the minds of your audience and connects with them on a personal level. It gives your company credibility and gives your brand a voice. The beauty of copywriting is that when it is done correctly, it feels natural and unassuming. When done incorrectly, it makes you looks sloppy and unprofessional. The value of copywriting is difficult to measure in hard numbers. It provides benefits beyond the face value of words on a page, it is the veritable backbone of your brand.

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