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Working with Avenge as a long standing client afforded us the luxury of creating the brand before we created the website. This allowed us to design a website that really ‘Popped’ online in the industry of energy services. Avenge are a support service to large energy companies and offer a practical and straightforward service vital in the field to the safe running of providing energy. That company ethos needed to be factored into the designs to reflect Avenges company image.

The website design needed to identify the services that Avenge offered quickly and stylishly and not include any distractions from the core services of the company. The focus on the design was for the user to comprehend the scale and quality of Avenges services and also their commitment to safety throughout the company. It was also to build on company image and solidify their prominence in a niche market. Simple yet sophisticated icons were used to identify each application that Avenges services could be used for and a brief, uncluttered description was written to reinforce them. They were placed prominently on the page as they broke down the services into easily understood items. Blue black and white were as base colors used as they are colors that infer power, cleanliness and order. Core values to Avenge.

Content was the key to Avenge. The pages were pared down to the most important information and to emphasize the most important features – scope of services and safety. These topics are covered concisely, then an easy to interpret map was used to indicate locations. The theme was clear and concise, easy to understand information that ‘wowed’ clients with style. All these pages showcased Avenges dedication to the things that mattered most, which were the vast range of experience and equipment that was used and the attitude of safety that drove the company.  Every page needed to bring the client back to those themes.

The completed website was very well received by the client and stands out in the energy support industry. It was professional and to the point whilst upholding and communicating the brand that is Avenge.

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