Every company needs to be easily identified. No more so than in a sea of paper that arrives daily where your communication may be one of many quotes, invoices or proposals. Getting noticed, being memorable and confidently standing out goes a long way in the journey to success. A custom designed, high-quality letterhead is one device you can use to stay ahead of the crowd.

Your letterhead is an opportunity to reinforce your brand and to impress your client or potential clients. When a communication from your company comes to their office you have another chance to make an impression, just as if you were there representing your business yourself. By sending all your proposals, quotes, thank you notes or invoices on sleek, well-designed letterhead oozing with charm, your customer can see the pride you put into your business and that you are setting a standard of quality. Setting the right impression from all the contact a customer has with your company is an important part of a professional business relationship. You need to think carefully about the brand that identifies your company.

With Arc Reactions accomplished graphic design department on your team you can be sure you get the finest creative advice in Calgary. Your letterhead can be turned into an impressive statement of your core values. You can propose quality, suggest integrity and model exclusive design in an easily recognizable format. Not only will your letterhead stand out in a crowd, it will be too hard to ignore and impossible to forget.

The design of your letterhead is a blank canvas. It can be whatever you want it to be. It is an opportunity to reinvent your company image. You can use your current letterhead design or choose only a few elements from it. You can mirror or contrast your company colors. You can insert an image, illustration or photograph. You can judiciously use text, font or monograms to highlight important areas. The versatility of your letterhead is its strongest feature, but the ability to turn it into a brand is your strongest weapon.

Make your letterhead express more about your company. Make it work for you. Be amazed at the difference a well-designed letterhead can make. Bring about a design revolution to your brand, with the most effective Calgary marketing company there is, the inimitable Arc Reactions.

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