2nd Dec 2019

Calgary Holiday Marketing: Gift Guides

The holiday season is in full swing and there are tons of consumers completing their shopping for the season. There are many Calgary holiday marketing strategies to draw in seasonal shoppers from PPC ads to email marketing, but don’t overlook one low-cost strategy to capture shopper’s attention: gift guides.

Gift guides are an effective, lost cost strategy that will draw customers in! Google searches for “gift guides” begin rising in October, and they hit their peak in December. That means it’s not too late to capitalize on the shopping frenzy.

Today we are going to offer some helpful tips that will allow you to create a gift guide that will boost your sales:


Before creating your gift guide, it’s time to conduct some research. Pat attention to market trends! What products have been flying off the shelves? What are the hottest trends in your industry? Start your research online and then engage your staff! Your sales associates will have a good idea of what consumers are looking for.

Grouping Products:

Once you have determined what products you want to promote, it is time to group your products into searchable gift guides. Use gender, age, interests or prices to group your products. You can create categories like “Gifts for Her” or Gifts for Him”, however, these titles may be too common. Consider opting for something more specific like “Gift Guide for Guitarists” or “Gift Guide for Skiers”. The groupings will depend on your industry, the main takeaway is creating a gift guide that will be found by consumers looking for your specific products!

Calgary Holiday Marketing Tip: get even more specific by grouping your gift guide by price! Try “12 Gifts for Skiers for Under $50”

Capture Niche Markets:

One common mistake we see in gift guides is being too general! Be specific when creating a guide, it will help you stand out from the crowd and capture long-tail searches. Focus on the unique products that you are known for.

Showcase Your Knowledge:

Many shoppers use gift guides as a place to begin their research. Holidays are a time shoppers aren’t looking for themselves, they are shopping for others. And, we all know how difficult that can be, especially if they aren’t knowledgeable in their loved one’s area of interest. Capture potential shoppers by offering up your vast resource of knowledge. This is a great time to offer helpful advice and shopping tips.


Use Digital Marketing to Promote Your Guides:

Once you’ve created your gift guide, it’s time to promote it! Share your gift guide on social media or push it out via an email marketing campaign. Don’t wait for consumers to come to you!

Your gift guides don’t have to be contained in just a blog post! Get creative and add the products to your Instagram Stories while including convenient swipe ups!

Calgary Holiday Marketing Tip: create a personalized shopping experience by generating specific gift guides for different segments of your email list! Use shopping data and trends to group your consumers and send them gift guides that they will be interested in!


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