The Kids Up Front Foundation provides children, teens, and families with experiences that foster dreams. Calgary is home to many kids that suffer from poverty, illness, abuse, and disability. Kids Up Front supports these disadvantaged kids by gifting them priceless adventures. Every year in Calgary countless sports and concert tickets go unused. Kids Up Front accepts ticket donations and gives them to those in need. They require more than just tickets: they rely on donations and volunteers to run events.


Kids Up Front won our Elevate Calgary Contest. This competition is a chance for Calgary non-profits to win a re-branding and marketing package with AR. KUFF chose to focus on redesigning their website, expanding their brand, and promoting their events.

Because of their rapid growth and success, Kids Up Front’s website needed a practical design to accommodate the new traffic. They also wanted a way to simplify the donation process. Kids Up Front receives hundreds of ticket requests and they needed a simple way to record and divide their resources. Along with making the allocation and donation process easier, they wanted to the site to be mobile-friendly, so people can give on the go.

Kids Up Front also asked us for a newsletter that is informative and calls Calgarians to action. They hoped that a captivating campaign would increase donations and raise awareness.


We made changes to their internal and external website that made it more functional. This was done by creating an up to date calendar of entertainment opportunities where they could input ticket availability and requests. Additionally, we designed an automated response function that would update users on the status of their requests. This eliminated extra work for their staff and maximized efficiency.

Along with redesigning their website, we created promotional material for Kids Up Front. We redesigned their business cards to look like tickets, an unexpected touch that acts as a conversation starter. To capture the audience’s attention, we created a newsletter in video format. This video would engage a wider audience and better hold the interest of the viewer.


The website redesign simplified Kids Up Front’s procedures so they could more efficiently run their charity. This has led to them distributing more tickets to deserving kids. The video newsletter solidified the integrity of their brand and provided a call to action for Calgary. This has increased more brand awareness and the increased the number of donations and volunteers, adding tens of thousands of dollars to their efforts. All these changes have allowed Kids Up Front to focus on what’s important, creating priceless experiences for Calgarians. In addition to adding value to their company, we have been enriched from the opportunity to work with an amazing organization run by fantastic people.


  • Arc Reactions truly understand our company and values. They help us keep connected with our clients so we can stay at the forefront of green living in Calgary. They have created a vibrant space online that engages our readers with regular and relevant content.

  • As a Client of Arc Reactions, we have worked closely with their team to create a message that is genuine to our company. They allow us to connect with our clients and potential clients in a way that sets us apart from the competition. It is always a pleasure to work with AR.

  • Arc Reactions consistently supplies us with quality services that we can depend on. Their inclusive and creative approach to marketing always leaves us feeling confident in our partnership. I trust their work and would recommend them to anyone looking for a marketing agency.

  • We’re exceptionally pleased with the quality of work from Arc Reactions. David and his team were readily available to answer questions, and were prompt with edits to our website. Being a small organization we had some specific website needs; Arc Reactions developed a strategy and offered effective solutions. We appreciated the creativity and proficiency ARC Reactions delivered to our group.

    – Evan P. [Kids Up Front Ottawa]

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