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Advanced Paramedic Ltd, or APL as it is known, is a company that saves lives. It has the ultimate in essential professions and required a website to reflect that. The website needed to set a professional face on a caring profession, and exude a confidence that engaged the people of Alberta, and those that needed a high-quality paramedic service around the world. The bar was set high but we knew we could rise to it, and exceed it.

Taking the time to know what APL’s industry was trying to achieve was the starting point for this fascinating project. We spent some while getting to know where APL had come from, why it did what it did, and where it was going to build a website that not only gave out information but was a voice for the ethics of the company and the vision. We made some exciting discoveries about APL and wanted to reflect their compassion, innovation and professionalism in their web pages.

One of the most important aspects of any website design is the realization that websites are not just for computers anymore. Making the information available on any sized machine is imperative for accessibility, especially in mobile situations such as an accident that needs a paramedics help. All the details contained on the pages needed to be easily readable and well organized on any size of machine available to the chosen demographic to make a difference. We made sure that APL’s services were transparent to anyone in an emergency situation, and the needed information was at their fingertips whichever device they used.

The design was purposefully created to be clean and sleek. All the images used were fresh and contemporary to reflect the many advances APL had gone through to become the company they are today. The focus was on the caring, professional and innovative ways that made APL the leader in paramedic services in Alberta. The words were expertly crafted to make the purpose of APL apparent and presented in a color palette that engendered courage.

The layout of the page was deliberately chosen to be easy on the eye, but lead the user into the site. The blocks of text are perfectly punctuated with relevant images with informative and enlightening captions. The site meticulously flows from concept to concept to ensure the user is drawn in, but also that APL as a brand is positively reinforced and made memorable.

APL was delighted with the outcome of their redesigned website, it fulfilled all the criteria they needed and created a new standard for others to follow.

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