22nd Jan 2020

2020 Calgary Marketing Predictions

We’re kicking off the decade by making our top 2020 Calgary marketing predictions! If 2019 was characterized by artificial intelligence than 2020 will be defined as the year of the customer!

2020 Calgary Marketing Predictions:

Customer Experience:

This year is going to be all about the customer experience! When it comes to running a successful business, customers hold all the power. Consumers are relentlessly bombarded with options when shopping for goods and services and it can be difficult for brands to set themselves apart from the competition. That’s where the customer experience comes in. Creating an outstanding customer experience will keep clients coming back for more. Focus on increasing your customer retention this year by identifying why consumers choose you and what has made past customers look elsewhere for services. Once you understand your top-selling and pain points, you will be able to optimize your customer experience! And we cannot overstate the importance of customer loyalty in 2020.


Personalization is essential to marketing in 2020. Brands can achieve personalization by delivering individualized content to the consumer with data collection, analysis and automated technology. When done correctly, personalization is beneficial to both the consumer and the brand. This strategy can improve the customer experience, drive revenue and increase brand loyalty! Show your customers what they want to see and in turn, gain their favour. Personalization is a marketing must-have this year.

Ephemeral Content:

Ephemeral content made our list last year and it continues to be one of the hottest ways that brands market themselves. In 2019, Instagram began running a test that would hide the overall like count. Since then they have made strides to move the focus of the platform from likes to be sharing user’s stories. They have made numerous upgrades to the Stories features. And that ephemeral content isn’t so ephemeral anymore. Brands can store their best stories in their highlights, allowing viewers to come back and re-watch content. This has led to brands putting more time, effort and artistic flair into their Stories. It is one of the best ways to show off your brand’s voice and it’s a great place to interact with your followers via polls and questionnaires.

Cause Marketing:

Gone are the days where brands stayed neutral on hot topics! Brands are using their voices to support causes that matter to them! This is an excellent way to improve your brand loyalty and draw in passionate customers. Taking a stand for something you believe in will demonstrate your brand values to everyone watching. Opt for a cause that aligns with your brand and your target demographic. Because if done incorrectly, this type of marketing can have a negative effect on your image.

Green Marketing:

In 2020 we can expect to see a lot more “Green Marketing”! And we don’t mean simply greenwashing products. We can look forward to brands confronting their least green practices and creating innovative alternatives that make their customers and the planet happy! Hop on the green tread by reevaluating the role your business plays in harmful emissions. Make changes that will make you and your customers feel good about your brand. Share the changes you’ve made with a clever marketing campaign, press release or through content marketing!

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