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Printing changed the world: Gutenberg’s invention forever altered how human beings share information, and the tactile feeling of custom printing has an impact very different from digital marketing collateral. Powerful design, carefully chosen media, and specialty machinery all come together to impress in a way sloppy print work never can.



So after weeks of painstaking collaboration with graphic designers, you’ve come up with a vibrant logo and a technical masterpiece of a brochure; it’s time to take it to the printers. What comes out, however, is a garbled mess, the colours are wrong, the brochure was not properly cut, the ink bled through the paper. Understanding what type of printing service will accentuate design features saves you time and resources in the end. Good printing impresses; bad printing looks unprofessional.

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Printing involves properly producing images and text for a particular medium. The result is easy to interpret: good printing impresses, bad printing does not. Understanding what printer to use on a per-project basis can be a time-consuming process. As a result, many companies make the mistake of settling for what their own equipment can do. But let’s face it – there’s nothing more wasteful (or potentially harmful for your business’ image) than investing money, time, sweat, and tears into producing a piece of marketing collateral that is destined for a subpar printer.

At Arc Reactions, we know our printers front to back and we have the experience to match the right document to the right machine for the right effect; the result is crisp, professional-looking collateral that catches the audience’s eye and holds their attention from cover to conclusion.

The quality of printing is a make-or-break factor in determining the usefulness of printed collateral. You may have the sleekest design on your business cards but if the color is off or the cutting is poor, the sloppiness reflects on your company. If your business experiences any of the following issues, it’s worth investing in a professional printing service.

• Your current printers are inconsistent
• Your print designs are complex
• You want your printing to stand out
• You need a more in-depth selection of printing options

If you want your printed materials to truly represent the best of your company, then a professional printing service is a must-have asset.

The more creative and exotic your design, the easier it is for you to make a big impression on your audience. At Arc Reactions, we have access to cutting-edge printing equipment and employ modern techniques to achieve amazing print results. We excel at the unusual and can breathe new life into classic print media that ensure you cannot be ignored. An example of standing out in print is business cards. Despite the dated medium they are still used to great effect today, but paper has become passé; we can create anything from exotic letterpress cards and even business cards in laser-etched metal. Our creative drive does not end there - we are passionate about inventing new methods to present an older medium. We specialize in unique and rare print media that instills a sense of wonder and intrigue amongst your audience.

The customizability of printing has come so far and the amount of choices offered to you can be overwhelming. For instance, did you know there are over 200 different types of rounded corners you can have on your business cards? It can be stressful to consider each and every option, but a high quality marketing agency like Arc Reactions can easily guide you through the process. We have many years of experience to draw on and can offer you the advice you need to make marketing collateral that makes an impact.

YES! Arc Reactions is a Calgary marketing agency that produces high- quality print media, traditional and online marketing, and Web design. We have a large number of resources at our disposal and use them to the fullest capacity in producing mixed media marketing art. Because of this, we are not a budget printer. There are many resources for ‘print your own’ if you need an economical solution to your printing needs, but we offer custom-designed signature print media of the highest quality. At Arc Reactions we gather a range of print solutions under one roof so that you can streamline your whole print process. We are also the sole producer of transparent plastic business cards. We can make your marketing collateral something special which solidifies your brand and increases the credibility of your company. With Arc Reactions, you can take your print media to places they have never been before.

After a final design is chosen, our graphic designers make a range of proof designs for you to choose from. They will vary in style and layout, but give you a choice for the final product. The proofs will be delivered in either a digital or print format, and can be emailed or mailed to you. When the final proof is decided upon, a sign off is required and the print media can be put into production.

Once the final proof is signed off, the project goes to print. This is split into two processes; the first being the production of the media which includes printing, finishing and packaging. This is done at one of our associated facilities and is then bought to the Arc Reactions office. When the finished media arrives it goes through a quality checking process, where we look at the printing, finishing, color reproduction, and overall effect to check that it is up to our required standards. It is then delivered to the client. This process can take a number of days or weeks, depending on the complexity of the design.

The best way to visualize how your printed collateral will look is for you to view a sample of similar work. As a company, Arc Reactions has been in the printing industry for some time and has built up a bank of good quality samples of the media we produce. You are welcome to book an appointment to view the samples that we have and see what your marketing collateral can achieve.

We produce a full range of printed marketing collateral that will meet all your needs, and can provide a vast range of options for each item. The most popular items include:

Business Cards:
One of the simplest and most common types of print media we work with are business cards. They can be produced in volume very economically, or can be produced in small batches with exotic print. We can even design and print metal cards. The choices are endless and the only limit is your imagination.

Brochures are a high-value item in the B2B marketing world. They carry your brand’s message and include vital information about your products or services. There is a wide variety of layouts to choose from depending on how much content you want to include and how you want that content to be presented.

Postcards are often overlooked as marketing media but fulfill a vital niche in B2B marketing. In certain situations, a business card is not enough to convey the right message about the quality of your company. Trade shows are a great example of this: business cards say nothing about your company but handing out brochures could prove costly. A custom-designed postcard can get a quality message across and give your leads something to remember you by.

Banners are a great marketing tool when you are setting up temporary stalls or booths. There are different types of banners but all of them can be customized to express your brand and get you noticed. They are portable so can be used in most situations, easy to store, and are rugged enough to last for a long time.

Tradeshow Displays:
A custom-designed trade show display is a great backdrop to have for a solid company image. They instantly grab your customers’ attention and as your sales team garner leads and discuss your products, they are set against a high-quality expression of your company image. A well-designed and executed tradeshow display increases corporate credibility and develops your brand image.

There are many ways print media can be produced. The reason why there are so many is because each different process provides a different finish. It gives you a versatile and expressive face to your marketing collateral, so it pays to be familiar with them.

Since its introduction, digital printing has become very popular as it speeds up the printing process to a phenomenal degree. There is no printing press in digital printing; the file is downloaded to a printer and a computer controls the image. If you have a deadline, then digital printing is the way to go.

Offset Lithography:
This is the most common method of printing in the industry as it is the most economical. It makes good use of the ink and is quick to set up, as it prints by inserting and filling a metal plate up with ink, then offsetting this onto a rubber roller that prints onto the paper.

Electrostatic Printing:
Similar to a photocopier, an electrostatic press uses a drum that ink clings to, and then transfers it to the paper and seals it with heat. It is great for small runs and very large images.
A letterpress is the type of printing machine that everyone relates to as it was the one that Gutenberg invented that started it all off. It prints from an inked, raised surface passed through at pressure, then left to dry.

Thermographic printers make a raised image that stands out from the paper with a glossy finish. Wet ink is covered with a special powder, has heat applied to it to make a bond that raises the ink from the paper. A favorite of luxury stationary, thermographic print is impressive and looks great.

Screen printing involves the use of a squeegee to force ink through a small mesh around blocked out areas to create a design. Mostly used in specialist print media and for images, screen printing is a very versatile way to print on different materials.

Printers can etch or engrave print media, which makes part of the font or image stand out from the background.

Flexography is a printing technique that uses a flexible rubber plate to print an image. It is excellent for printing on flexible material, as it moves with the media.

Every print order is unique. What works for some projects may not work on others, but there are situations where a proof or small test order is an excellent idea. If your finished piece of print media is very complicated, then a proof or small print run may be a good idea to see how it will turn out before a large investment is made. You can see, and more importantly, feel how the finished piece is and make sure it is the right design in the right medium. The design may be perfect, but the choice of paper may not. You don’t get the complete impression until the piece is finished. If you making a significant cost investment or the print run is long, it is also wise to have a proof or small test order to ensure that the finished piece is exactly what you want. Please remember that a small test order adds significantly to the cost and time of the order, but is worth the cost to ensure you get a product that reflects your needs.

We take pride in the quality of our printing process and have established a sales journey that is effective, efficient and takes all the stress out of creating high quality marketing collateral.

Medium Selection:
In the first consultation the right media for your project will be selected. There are a vast number of choices from type of printed matter, to composition and selection of material to be printed on. Ideas will be discussed and what your goal is for the print media, as well as how many you need, and how often.

Full Deposit:
Before any work on the project can commence a nominal deposit needs to be paid. There is a large amount of ROI in printed media and a deposit shows the commitment from both sides to the project.

Design Phase:
The first stage in the printing process is to create a design to be printed. The length of time this can take varies with each project as it depends on the complexity of the job, as well as how large it is. We use skilled and educated graphic designers to produce the perfect design for the media.

Proof Selection:
Our graphic designers produce a range of proofs for you to choose from. They will experiment with colour, typography, design, and imagery for you to visualize your final design and to give you options.

Digital vs. Print Proof:
Proofs will be provided in one of two formats:
Digital Proofs: These are a set of digital files with the designs. They can be easily shared with other people involved in the decision-making process and give an accurate representation of the finished project. These are suitable for all print projects.

Printed proofs: Printed proofs are samples of the finished order, printed as they appear in the final product. In every way they are complete and can show you exactly what your project will turn out like, but are more expensive to produce and take much more time to complete for approval.

Print Approval:
After the proofs have been approved and any adjustments made, there is final sign off for the finished design and your print run can then be started.

The success of B2B sales has a strong correlation with quality printing. Why invest a large amount of money in setting up a B2B sales meeting, only to leave a photocopy of old information for the prospect to peruse? What you leave behind represents the quality of your company, and the value you present to the customer. Your customer needs to see you investing in your company before they will. A motivated sales force needs to have confidence in the sales devices at their disposal and printing is no exception. If they are handing out quality literature it is easier to sell the product as it looks professional and worth the investment. It also leaves an excellent impression for your sales leads to consider after the pitch.

There are several ways to measure the efficacy of your printed material. If you have a sales force you can look at the media they use and analyze the conversion rate before and after the introduction of the media. You need to take into account how often the media was used, how it was presented, and the relevance of the media to the situation. High quality print media does increase conversion rate in the hands of effective sales people. If you are using a large scale mailing then doing an A:B test will also help you evaluate the effectiveness of the printed media. By comparing your old media mailing and one using the new collateral, you can track the conversion rate of each test and analyze the results.

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