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Dream West Homes was a wonderful project to be involved in. As a high-quality construction company, Dream West wanted to be well represented in the online arena but not just for information on the homes they constructed, but also to reiterate the core values they embodied. They not only wanted to inform their clients and potential clients of their options, but they also wanted to communicate their level of dedication to them as an individual. They wanted to communicate a feeling.

The concept of the website was to produce a warm and familiar image based site with essential information layered over foundation icons. The images were to be the focal point of the page with a collage effect to allow for flexing around the size and resolution differences when being used on a handheld or mobile device. We decided that photos needed to be used as images to add a touch of realism to the site, and also to encourage a feeling of recognition and desire within the user. They also created a contrast between the realism of the house designs and the house designs themselves. This contrast would help the clients be able to visualize the look of their home as they browsed the site and get them bonding to the houses on offer.

When choosing a color to reflect warmth and integrity you would usually look within the red spectrum, but red also evokes a feeling of danger and alarm so we needed to select a color that was warm, but calming. After several focus group feedbacks, shades green were chosen as it was described as, ‘fresh’, ‘inviting’ and ‘trustworthy’. The photographic images were meticulously infused with green accents to give the whole site cohesion, and a light green saturation was discreetly infused on to the muted image overlays to make the site unified. They also gave the user a feeling of calm security that encouraged them to look deeper.

The Dream West Homes logo was used in a static bar blending with the menu to reinforce the brand and corporate image. This device was used on every page for ease of navigation and to ground the images in unity. The web page was well received by the client who was delighted with the outcome of a perfect balance between dignity, integrity and informatics.

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