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Dovers Hi Fi was a concept project with the idea that they needed to reinforce the connection between man and machine, pleasure and technology woven together to produce a gratifying experience. We needed to dispel the old imagery that the word ‘Hi Fi’ created and replace it with a crisp, fresh interpretation that brought it into the digital era. Disposing of the Hi Fi imagery was not an option as the technology behind it was still current for luxury sound, but shedding the archaic convention would take some outstanding media fashioning. The concept we needed to create was a universal appeal with a modern twist to arrest the attention of all demographics.


Devising a brand identity was key to the reviving the image of Hi Fi technology, so we decide to maximize the aspects already familiar to the target demographic. The suggestion of the graphic equalizer display was placed purposefully between the wording, with a prominent base line for emphatic force to engender a feeling of vocal power. The decision was made early on to use a negative image for the branding so that the energy of the words resonated from the media by use of colour. Conformity of placement was the vehicle used to suggest a timeless and solid foundation and to round out the brand identity.


The insightful images were carefully chosen to link the familiar to a new level of awareness. Innovative angles were used to present the conventional in an unconventional way, allowing the target demographic to rethink their view of the technology. Cyan blue was used to establish a live energy through the avant-garde images and consummate neutrality in the home styled settings. The intention was to continue to weave a link between the past and present, but also to create a luxurious, credible situation that could be recreated easily by the chosen demographic. By adding an opaque brand bar with the negative font at the bottom of each photo, the professional identity of the images was heightened and the brand preserved.

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