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Email Marketing

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Every email you send to your clients and prospects is a chance to build loyalty, trust, and brand awareness – and to make a sale. One of the most complex and time-consuming marketing techniques, it is also one of the most profitable – second only to SEO for long-term ROI. Everything from the list, to content and design, to testing needs to be carefully managed for lasting success.



When you think of Email Marketing you likely think of ineffective spam that clogs up your inbox. In reality, it is one of the most successful forms of marketing out there today. Email Marketing represents a cost-effective way to reach a large targeted audience in a way that is both measurable and shareable. It takes advantage of proper lead segmentation, allowing you to send customized messages to an engaged audience.

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Email marketing is a form of marketing that advertises directly to your audience. It can be used either as a tool to enhance the relationship between you and your current customers or to attract potential new customers. A good email marketing campaign requires a good list of qualified leads. These leads can be attained organically via a strong online presence or can be compiled by lead generation services. Knowing where your audience stands is critical in email marketing as it allows you to customize your message for each customer. Ultimately, email marketing is all about creating brand awareness, sales and trust-based relationships.

Email campaigns provide a more technical alternative to traditional marketing techniques. It is one of the most effective forms of marketing in terms of getting pure sales. A large part of this success is attributed to expectations of the medium itself. For instance, when you go on Facebook, you're expecting to socialize with your friends and family not with a company trying to sell you something. Likewise, email is a space where advertising is accepted, thus consumers are more likely to be receptive of your marketing efforts. Well-executed campaigns capitalize on this perception and see a significant return on investment.

Email campaigns can resolve so many existing issues that would more time and resources to resolve any other way. Look at some of the issues that an effective email campaign could resolve for you:

• Potential clients are unaware of your company
• Potential clients are unaware of some/all of your services/products
• Current clients are unaware of some/all of your services/products
• Potential/Current clients could be more aware of your brand
• The company does not have a social media presence
• The current means of interacting with perspective clients is inefficient
• The current sales/marketing collateral is hindering the conversion rate.
• There is currently no efficient means of automatic lead generation
• There is currently no sales / marketing strategy
• The marketing strategy is dated

Commissioning an Arc Reactions email campaign can raise the profile of your company and significantly contribute to sales. Contact us now and we can work out a campaign together that will bring your company to the forefront of your industry.

The mere mention of email marketing elicits thoughts of spam emails, but they are far from the same. The key difference lies in the fact that spam emails are unsolicited and come in mass quantities. They are often sent as a form of cold-calling by companies who are looking for potential leads. They rarely consider user needs and are designed to reach as many people as possible. Email marketing focuses on pursuing qualified leads that have given you permission to contact them. It is characterized by engaging email content that is not only relevant for the consumer but is personalized to their tastes. In short, email marketing is about sending quality, relevant content to willing participants.

At Arc Reactions, we offer a wide range of Email Marketing services including:

• Custom designed emails
• Email analytics
• Support for multiple email marketing platforms

o Campaign Monitor
o Mail Chimp
o Constant Contact

• Integrating email marketing into

o Quote forms
o Website pages
o CMS (Contact Management Software)

The numbers don't lie, email marketing brings in an estimated $40 for every $1 spent. With returns like this, it's no wonder why so many companies have invested in email campaigns. The effectiveness of email marketing lies in its simplicity and is a result of 4 main factors:

Cost -There is no other channel of advertising that is as cost-effective as email marketing. There are no printing or postage costs and no advertising fees to pay. The amount of direct reach you get with an email campaign for the price you pay is unparalleled.

Targeted Audience - Email marketing functions on the back on qualified leads. This means that there is no guesswork, you know exactly who you are sending your advertisements to. Having a targeted market also means that you can tailor a customized message to suit the needs of your intended audience. This personalization increases the likelihood of converting prospects into sales.

Active Effort - The aim of email marketing is to get you invested and it uses an in-your-face approach to achieve that. Email marketing speaks directly to the consumer, and entices them to act. Whether that action be to visit your website, or to take part in a sale, email marketing gets users involved and keeps them engaged.

Measurability - One of the most important aspects of email marketing is its trackability. With the power of analytics software, it’s possible to find out exactly which parts of your campaign are working and which parts are lacking. This information is invaluable in refining your email marketing efforts to perfection.

Email marketing and social media share similar characteristics and provide similar services. Both are perceived as a cost-effective way to directly reach an engaged audience. As to which one is more effective, it is hard to say. Email marketing finds more success in driving raw sales, while social media excels at customer engagement. In the end, both are necessary parts of a complete marketing experience. Rather than choose between the two, having both working in tandem would compound the strength of the other. For instance, email campaigns send out relevant, engaging content to a receptive audience. By integrating a social media link and encouraging users to share the post; you can exponentially increase the reach of the email. This also has the benefit of promoting your social media account gaining you more followers and interactions.

The most important part to any successful email marketing campaign is to have a solid list of leads. These could be previous customers, current customers, or people who have shown interest in your business. The more detailed the list of leads, the more personalized we can make each email and the better responses we are likely to get. A list of leads can be compiled organically by having a strong online presence, or can be put together by a professional lead generation company. At Arc Reactions, we specialize in both web optimization and lead generation. So whether you're looking to optimize your website for leads, or wish to attain a completed list, we have the tools to help you get where you need to be.

Sending out a few emails may not seem like terribly complex work, but a good email marketing campaign requires a comprehensive effort. Successful email campaigns need a copywriter, graphic designer and web designer.

Copywriter - An often-overlooked aspect of advertising; copywriters are responsible for all written content. A professional copywriter allows you convey your message in an eloquent manner.

Graphic Designer- Graphic designers lie at the heart of the design process. They arrange the layouts, they create the imagery and they choose how the copy is presented. A professional graphic designer knows how to manipulate visuals to capture the interest of the audience.

Web Designer- The web designer is the one who translates the final design onto an email platform. A professional web designer is an architect that ensures that all facets of the email message are functioning to perfection.

At Arc Reactions, we provide all the necessary tools to help you create the best email marketing campaign possible. Let us help you, reach your customers.

Email marketing and analytics go hand in hand, so much so that all email marketing platforms come with built in analytics software. This makes email marketing one of easiest forms of advertising to track and gauge the value of. Other forms of advertisement provide only simplistic metrics such as visits or page views. These metrics while still useful, do not provide enough clarity to judge the effectiveness of the ad. Email marketing tracks precise metrics including conversion rates, click-to-deliver rates, and retention rates. This value-driven data offers more context to your marketing efforts and allows you to optimize your campaign. In short, email marketing provides you with all the necessary metrics to judge its base value, and offers additional data on how to improve.

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