14th Jan 2020

SEO for Calgary Medical Practices

When Calgarians are suffering from an illness, they don’t want to struggle with long commutes and lengthy wait times. They want to connect with a local medical provider quickly and painlessly. The days of placing an ad in the yellow pages and letting the patients come to you are long gone. Today, potential patients are turning to search engines to find healthcare practices near them. That is where local SEO for Calgary medical practices comes into play.

To stay competitive, medical service providers must use modern marketing techniques to connect with patients. Local SEO is an essential digital marketing tool that can get you in front of many potential local patients. Today we are going to discuss how it works, why it’s effective and what steps you can take to improve the SEO for your Calgary medical practice.  

How Local SEO for Calgary Medical Practices Works: 

SEO works by optimizing your website to appear higher in search engine results. A properly optimized website will appear at the top of the search results when potential patients search for key terms like “doctor near me”. This increases your brand’s visibility and increases your chances of getting more clicks and patients. In fact, the #1 organic search result receives 10x more clicks than websites appearing in the #10 spot. Now that you see how valuable the top spot is, we’ll describe how local SEO works.

Local SEO helps businesses promote their products and services to local customers. Search engines gather local search information by crawling your website and Google My Business Page for location, local content, links and social media profiles to provide their users with the most relevant results. 1 in 5 customers search for information on local businesses, giving local SEO the ability to greatly influence your success.

Why SEO for Calgary Medical Practices is Effective:

Local SEO allows you to get in front of interested searchers! Don’t waste your valuable marketing dollars on mass mailing flyers, focus in on interested parties by employing a stellar local SEO strategy. Local SEO will allow you to get in front of people searching for key terms like “Women’s health clinic near me” and or “Foot doctor in SW Calgary”. Reaching these people is important because they are actively searching for what you have to offer! And a lot of the time, they are looking to connect with your service immediately. Improve your click-through rate by including key information about your practice like your location, phone number and address.

How to Get Started: 

The first step to improving your local SEO is ensuring that you have optimized your Google My Business Account. You will want to make sure your profile is complete and that you have verified your Google My Business page. Don’t forget to encourage your patients to review your practice, it helps to build trust and authenticity. Furthermore, Google is more likely to promote verified businesses to its users, so keeping your profile up to date is a local SEO essential.

Now that you have optimized your Google My Business account, focus on your website’s on-page SEO. This is the stage where you optimize your URL, titles, headers, meta descriptions and content based on strategically selected keywords. This can be done by creating blog posts that are relevant to your practice and location. Focus on creating high-quality content that speaks to local customers. Provide helpful resources, tips and information that will establish you as a local authority on the topic. 

Include your location on your website! Clearly state the locations of your brick and mortar locations on your About page. Take this step to the next level by including a Google Map on your website. This will help customers find your business and Google will appreciate your transparency.

Lastly, your website must be mobile friendly! Make it easy for people and Google to find you by optimizing your website for mobile devices.


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