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We were very excited to come up with the concept of working with Metric Wealth Management as the idea was that they were very flexible with their artistic parameters. They wanted to take their company branding to the next level and simplify the concept behind Wealth Management and add a more prominent element of timeless chic to suggest a more luxurious atmosphere. The effect of grace and dignity was more important to Metric than the image, colour or composition. The wanted us to market a concept, and idea, rather than a product. This was a thrilling premise to work on as we had to work from a sub-stratosphere dimension, always looking at what was being said by the art, and not what was trying to be created.


As we developed the concept we followed the theme of suggestion and tried to avoid any definitive imagery. One element that became a necessity was to eliminate the use of black or white. Black and white are not true ‘colour’ they are a-Chroma which makes them very conspicuous in any setting. If you want to draw attention to something, use black or white. This was not the drama we were looking to create. We wanted the antithesis of drama. By adjusting the colour and hue of the photographic saturation we could mute all a-Chromatic resolution in the images and make them soft and ethereal. Monochrome set against a foundation of subtle grey secured the feel of invitation or suggestion of luxury. Graduation and shading of the foundation colours only added to the suggestive power of the


For the Metric Wealth Services campaign colour was power. Inherently indistinguishable images were used for a dream-like quality, clear images, but seemingly indescriptive, and the written media was entrenched in graduated colours and subtle wording. A strong shade of Cyan was used to suggest calm confidence, set in block structures to engender a feeling of order and professionalism, with a crisp font in a business style to offset the colour and concept. The project came together very well, much to our delight, allowing us the option to expand the media to include other concepts at any time.

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