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Elevate Calgary Website Design

We at Arc Reactions as a burgeoning Calgary Marketing Company are proud to be a part of a thriving city full of good businesses and good people. Being able to give back to the city is important to us, but more than that we want to help other businesses reach their full potential. Elevate Calgary is a competition for not for profit organizations to have the chance to access big company marketing services and raise their profile in an ever competing world. We knew this would turn all eyes on Calgary graphic design. We knew this could make a difference.

Designing Elevate Calgary’s website was an invigorating project as we had carte blanche. We were aiming for a broad demographic as we had to reach out to all areas of the city, and indeed Alberta, and show them how fascinating Calgary is as a city. The website had to be simple but vibrant, classic but chic and practical yet exhilarating just as the city is. Elevate Calgary had to be corporate branding at its best.

By the judicial use of white space, a classic look was achieved. The layout was in box format with wide spaces between the content to allow for white space to offset and showcase the media. A timeless logo was designed that could be incorporated into any image, but linked to an interlocking background of red geometrical shapes to add order and passion. This combination of plainness and pride is easily recognizable as the Elevate Calgary brand and expresses the vision of the competition.

A video advertisement was made and placed prominently in the left-hand corner of the home page. This anchor image was used and incorporated on to all the home pages of the devices of differing sizes without compromising quality. All the images were thoughtfully designed to flow around the diverse size and resolution options required in the digital age making the page look immaculate from any device it was viewed on.

The menu options and page flows were also deliberately designed to engage the eye and draw the user from one image to another without overcoming the information required. The whole page was unified through the particular usage of color, form and theme which exuded an air of pride and excitement for the competition.

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