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Pivotal Energy Trust was our concept client that wanted to recreate a logo and make it a better brand marketing tool. The idea was that they wanted a brand that was easily identifiable and more representative of their company. The whole campaign needed to have an anchor that would weave a line of consistency through all the media used. After
discussions with the client, we decided to focus on the ‘energy’ aspect of the concept. By exploring and extrapolating the theme we came on a graphic made from the imagery of energy arcing in a circle. The circle embodied the trust concept and the arcing suggested energy.


When we arranged the elements we had it was easy to see a swirl forming, so the brand logo was soon designed with the help of computer-aided design to make a mathematical assumption of a simple, repeating arc pivoting around a central point. As we worked with the design we felt that the full circle of demi-arcs was not sharp enough, it did not suggest power or energy, but when we removed the bottom portion, it developed an industrial feel that was perfect in its expression. The font was carefully selected to infer sleek modernism with a forward thinking attitude. The word placement was important as we
wanted to accentuate the concept behind ‘Pivotal’. We increased the dominance of the one word and drew the rest of the title into the background, choosing to keep the brand logo in proportion with the prime word.


The images we chose all had an element of power about them to give the portfolio cohesion. When we developed the concept the images seemed to form themselves into an eye, and we chose to extend the feelings of clarity and vision that the icon evoked. We used the eye in two expressions, one being a crisp, enhanced eye with energy at its center, and another to suggest technology being the eye of the business. We also produced soft energy shots with broody, power stricken sky being the focus of the
image. These could be coupled with the brand and title to suggest the pivotal power of the Pivotal Energy Trust.

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