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Erven Planning Inc came to us with definite ideas and solid graphics for a website and knew in which direction they wanted the site to flow. The company is a well-respected and established financial institution that had built a reputation on honor and sound advice. It needed a web presence that reflected the foundation of trust it engendered, but also reflected the digital age and kept ahead of the wave in utilizing technology to forecast trends which is vital to financial planning.

The layout of the web page had to take into account where the website would be accessed. There were definite and well expressed target demographics and all were computer literate in differing ways. The site needed to be accessed by every type of device capable of internet use to suit these demographics, and access to all areas of the site was imperative. With that framework established the pages were carefully conceptualized to conform to a unified presentation, but also adapt to the range of resolutions needed. The construction of the look, shape and resolution of each page was taken into account and a clean, classic, uncluttered approach was taken so that it didn’t compromise navigation when it appeared on a handheld device. Clarity is paramount in an informatics website as people search the site for particular information, and want to be able to find it when they need it.

The colors chosen were on a very limited palette to reflect the logo of Erven Planning Inc. The whole site was infused with splashed of Erven orange over a flat achroma of white and shades of grey. White space was intentionally designed into the page format to emphasize the classic nature of the business, and to push the information into prominence on the screen. Drop down menus were an integral part of navigation as they are crystal clear in expression and uncomplicated to use. The font was simple and clear, but also classical in style to reflect the strength and dependability of the company.

Erven was delighted with the outcome of the project, and with the values it reflected. The information was accessible, straightforward and expressive which was the aura Erven wanted to project.

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