24th Jan 2019

Calgary Digital Marketing: Reconnecting with Cold Leads

Acquiring customers comes at a cost. Gaining new customers is just as important as keeping old ones. Referrals, partnerships, sales and promotions, social media, digital networking are all Calgary digital marketing techniques that can help you acquire new customers. Another valid means of gaining customers is connecting with cold leads. You may be asking yourself, “What are cold leads?” or questioning whether you have an effective strategy to stay in contact with leads that have gone cold. Today we will discuss Calgary digital marketing techniques that you can use to connect with cold leads.

What is a Cold Lead?

A cold lead maybe a person that has been in your sales pipeline for too long. They may also be someone who was a hot lead at some point and got cold for one reason or the other. The point is, they are potential customers who aren’t prepared to make purchases right away. Such leads are quite difficult to convert into sales. Hence you need to be positioned in the best way possible to make them customers. Calgary digital marketing techniques can turn these leads into conversions.

Calgary Digital Marketing- the Strategy:

Develop An Effective Lead Management Strategy:

A proper management strategy will determine if a potential lead gets cold or remains cold. There are many factors that make up an efficient lead strategy. Some of the vital points to look out for when mapping out such strategies should include:

Prevent A Lead From Getting Cold:

Potential leads go cold when they aren’t followed up. In every sales cycle, there is point wherein a potential customer loses interest in the product inquired about. Such loss of interest can be averted when a sales representative follows through very early on the sales cycle.

Interaction interval:

Regularly interaction between a business outfit and its leads are vital in making conversions and not just contacting leads only when sales are needed to be made. This creates a better brand perception to


Many sales rep fail to keep things simple. They make an aggressive marketing approach. For cold leads, aggression doesn’t just make the cut as they have turned cold for one reason or the other. What they rather need is a simple follow up, and updating them on the changes of the product since their last contact, this can be an update on recent price changes, modified features etc.


You need to put an effective line of communication in place to interact with such leads and carry them along from time to time. Remind them of their previous interest in your product and the value they stand to get in doing business with you.

Reconnecting With Cold Leads:

When a potential customer goes cold, it isn’t the end of the road. Reconnecting is one way to open a door which might be perceived to be closed to business transactions. But, one hindrance to this concept is the fear of annoying cold leads. You need to bear in mind that there is no harm in trying. To reduce the chances of rejection from a cold lead, it is advisable to use a permission-based approach. This involves taking permission from a lead to return at a future time. This ensures that a recall takes places at a time that suits the customer, hence limiting annoyance.

How to Do It:

Identify promising leads:

This is the first step to reconnect successfully with cold leads. You need to study the leads, their purchasing habits, what interested them in your product earlier and what might have been the turn-off.

Revisit old notes:

Such information about your past interactions with cold leads can be got from old notes, hence the need to keep notes. This is key to recalling past interactions and negotiating future one.

Be personal and direct:

Do not treat your leads as mere contacts. Use contents in which they are interested in to build communication bridges. Use semi-personalized emails to interact with leads and ensure they find value in resuming communication. Converse with your leads on what put them off from transacting with you earlier, determine their needs and frustrations. This opens a good opportunity for you to inform them of your recent developments, new features, discounts and processes.

Things to Avoid:

These are some common mistakes to avoid when using Calgary digital marketing to reconnect with cold leads

Avoid being overly casual:

Different individuals have varied approaches to reconnecting with cold leads. Either by sending a cold mail, via newsletter or any remarketing strategy, avoid being too casual or doing something silly like stalking them on social media.

Wasting time:

Time is money and you have to respect it. As you try to avoid being aggressive, you also need not linger for too long before trying to sell your mark. Get their attention and get to work.

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