21st Mar 2019

Calgary Brand Awareness: 8 Efficient Ways To Increase Brand Awareness

Regardless of your industry or target audience, your business must concentrate on creating Calgary brand awareness. Brand awareness refers to “the extent to which consumers are familiar with the distinctive qualities or images of a particular brand of goods or services.”. This practice will boost all areas of your marketing strategy, allowing your business to grow and reach new heights.
So how do you achieve Calgary brand awareness? You can do this by employing any one or eight methods we have described below!

Referral Programs

A happy customer is a great asset for a company because they will become a brand ambassador. They will want to tell their friends and family about the outstanding service or product that they received from you. Referrals are great for businesses, therefore, you should look into creating a referral scheme into your marketing strategy. Offer your loyal customers incentive for referring your brand to friends and family. Such incentives could include a bonus or a percentage off of future goods or services. After all, a referral scheme is generally cheaper than a marketing campaign!

Local Partnerships

Regional brands can benefit from creating local partnerships. Consider partnering with one or more other local businesses to organize events like seminars, festivals or giveaways. This will boost your chance of getting in front of more eyes by appealing to other local brand’s partons. Do not underestimate the power of sponsoring events which your target audience will want to attend. This is especially if you are looking to do something charitable in the community. You can choose to sponsor a local sports team or even donate to charity. Whatever it is, find a way to get your brand’s name on the tongues of your target demographic.

Social Media Contests

Whether you are launching a new product or hosting a sale, a social media contest can generate a ton of publicity. This is an efficient Calgary brand awareness strategy because everyone loves free stuff! The most common social media contests methods are photos or video challenges, requiring participants to get as many likes, retweets, or votes as possible. If you wanted to simplify the approach, simply ask users to tag two of their friends and draw at money. Although this approach requires an investment from you, the publicity you gain will be well worth the spend. This is also a great way to engage and grow your followers.


If you are looking to rapidly increase your Calgary brand awareness and conversion rate, then remarketing is the way to go. Remarketing helps you to reach potential consumers who have previously expressed interest in your brand. Remarketing works by showing advertisements to individuals that have previously viewed your website. Following them around the web allows them to become familiar with your brand and what you have to offer. And, there is a good chance they will head back to your website! 

Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is a fantastic way for you to connect with your demographic in an organic, mutually beneficial way. This Calgary brand awareness tactic relies on you connecting with an influencer and leveraging their credibility to market your product to their audience. Be selective when choosing these partnerships! Ensure that you choose an influencer that is aligned with your brand’s demographic and ideology.

Guerilla Marketing

Guerilla marketing is a fun way to get in front of a large audience! You won’t be able to zero in on a specific audience like you would be able to with digital marketing but it is definitely more exciting than a digital ad. Get creative when it comes to guerilla marketing, you want to make a statement! Choose an area that attracts a lot of customers to get the best bang for your buck.


People never get tired of learning. Every day, people consume large amounts of information from news and the internetWith a great SEO strategy and awesome writing skills, you can improve and increase your brand’s awareness one post at a time. However, you must blog consistently to achieve success with this Calgary brand awareness strategy.

Paid Social Advertising

A lot of brands have turned to social media marketing because organic reach is limited. The competition for the attention of mobile and online users has greatly increased therefore many brand owners are turning to paid social media advertising. Be cautious and selective when advertising on social media and reserve this brand building strategy for times it will be beneficial! 
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