15th Jul 2019

How to Get Calgary Referrals: Word of Mouth Marketing

Do you remember an amazing experience you had that you could not stop talking about? Well, most of us have that moment. When you rave to your family and friends about a product, you have engaged in word of mouth marketing. Word of mouth marketing (WOMM) is a natural means of spreading information while using viral marketing components. It only differs from viral marketing as it is spread using more natural means. And Calgary referrals are one of the most effective forms of lead generation.

WOMM is an unrestricted form of promotion or advertisement. It begins with an interaction that is then shared by a customer. Still, it is largely confused with referral marketing. So, exactly what differentiates word of mouth marketing and referral marketing? This article broadly discusses word of mouth marketing, why it is needed, and how it can be used to get Calgary referrals.

Word Of Mouth vs. Calgary Referrals

Word of mouth marketing involves sharing information to gain following passively. It is a direct measure of one’s level of interaction. The more interactions you make with people, the increased rate at which the brand’s name is spread.

In contrast, referral marketing focuses on one’s marketing efforts on a particular person as well as encouraging the referral of their friends. Referrals and other similar marketing types is a subdivision of word of mouth marketing, albeit it is more proactive in generating patronage. This is so because the process is well controlled and the conversion process can be properly tracked.

Why Word of Mouth Marketing is Important

Word of mouth is a valuable marketing resource. This is simply due to the fact that consumers trust their friends. A study revealed that 92 percent of consumers rely on suggestions from family and friends more than advertisements.

It is a never-ending cycle. Word of mouth marketing doesn’t end with one interaction. It finds its way in involving others, till a long chain is formed. This can prove to be highly productive in the marketing campaign when effected properly.

It is cheap. You do not have to set a budget to pass the news around. Even if you do, it would surely not be much.


How to Embark on Effective Calgary Referral Marketing

Set goals- This involves mapping the reason for your referral. You have to pause, and not only think about why, but what you intend to achieve. You must identify all the goals as they will help in tracking the measure of success you derive.

Create a referral program- This involves exchanging Calgary referrals with other trusted companies in your industry. You must ensure that you only work with people that you would be comfortable referring to. Their work will reflect on you!

Connection with your audience-Rather than collecting customers, you have to connect with them. Connecting with your audience offers a better reward. An uninterested audience will likely be less interested in what you are marketing. While your real supporters and fans, who are more passionate about you as well as what you stand for, will share what you have in store.

Well defined message-You must ensure that your referral program is well defined, easy to understand and easy to carry out. Ensure your clients know about all your offerings

Inspire confidence- You have to act in a way that will inspire your clients to refer you. If your customers don’t have confidence in your actions, or they observe some erratic behaviour, you will find it difficult to persuade them to get the job done.

Offer incentives- Entice your customers to refer your brand by offering them an incentive. This can include a discount or another special offering.

Be grateful- It requires a large number of people for a business to be successful. Make sure you thank your customers for their referrals. This will spur them to do even more. Thank those who have given you Calgary referrals via phone call, email, note etc.

Spread the word- The approach towards marketing greatly determines how successful or not it will be. One reason why a properly executed referral program fails is as a result of the limited size of the audience. To avoid such pitfall, you have to inform people about your referral. So, keep on spreading the word and never relent. Also, give referrals to brands you trust, they will want to return the favour, which is also good for business.


Referrals via word of mouth marketing can bring limitless success to the marketing of your brand. As you strategically go about it, remember that your existing customer base remains your biggest marketing access. Hence, you should never overlook the powerful effect of word of mouth marketing.