6th Mar 2015

Marketing Agency Calgary

Have you ever asked yourself what a marketing agency Calgary trusts does to earn that trust? Then it’s something that you should. Your online marketing is the face of your company. The company image you portray on the social media platforms you pursue is the way your consumer demographic views you, and the way they perceive your value. Your marketing agency is the one who will shape the image of your company in the eyes of your audience, you have to trust them to do a job that will set up your company for the rest of your lifetime.

But how do you choose a good marketing agency Calgary trusts and that will do the job you need for a successful campaign? By following this guide you should be able to find the perfect marketing agency for you.

When you are looking for a marketing agency Calgary loves, you need to look for these things:

Subject matter expertise: Outstanding, high-impact content marketing can’t be created without a thorough understanding of your brand’s industry or marketplace. In other words, subject matter expertise is a must.

“Brands should always look for familiarity w/ their industry. If an agency doesn’t know how to navigate the vertical = bad news.— @lucasmillerwsu” Twitter.

This has always been an important factor in selecting advertising and public relations agencies. You want a partner who not only understands your industry or market, but has also established relationships with gatekeepers and key thought leaders that you can leverage in your content. In addition, you don’t want to be paying an agency to learn your business — that’s something that should be done on the agency’s own time.

Decide what services you need. Before you hire any marketing agency, determine why you need them. Do you need one or two new marketing collateral, such as a sales letter or postcard? If so, you may only need a freelance writer or graphic designer, not a full-scale advertising agency.

If, however, you need an extensive marketing campaign, with everything from print ads to new web design, you’ll probably need the aid of an agency. Also consider an agency if you need help deciding what kind of advertising campaign to launch, or if you need someone to maximise the ads for you. Knowing what you need also helps you decide what kind of agency to choose. Some agencies specialize in certain formats, such as radio or television commercials, while others offer a wider variety of services. Also, some agencies focus mainly on creating specific advertising collateral, while others will help you define your company image, marketing goals and needs.

Don’t forget this short checklist that wasn’t going to be written

If you’re asking agencies to pitch for your project, don’t ask too many agencies as it only results in confusion and a lot of cost and wasted effort on the parts of many people. This will not make you a popular client.

Weigh up what sort of brief is going to be most helpful to you, to define the fundamental condition of your business, and that will also allow the agency to demonstrate its creativity and insight.

Score the agency against pre-defined criteria and if it’s a pitch score them using the same parameters. Don’t be afraid to ask them in again.

Check the agency’s expertise, validate their experience and don’t allow anyone to sway your opinion based on the proliferation or absence of buzz words

Try to assess the intangible aspects of selection and ask whether there’s the right chemistry between you, your company and the agency to allow good ideas to flourish and help make the company more money!

One last thought. If when writing your brief you find that a single theme starts to dominate, for example, you need more new business leads, cross check what process you are starting. A marketing agency may have specialist capabilities but will probably describe itself as ‘full service’. So lead generation may be an aspect of what they do towards the purchase end of the sales spectrum, but too tight a brief may constrain the agency’s ability to help you.

Make sure you keep going until you find that marketing agency Calgary trusts, but that you trust too. Your return on investment will thank you for it!