21st Jan 2019

How CRM Software Improves Your Business

CRM software is an acronym which denotes Customer Relationship Management. Aimed at gathering every piece of information of your customers together, the CRM software also organizes business interactions and customer relationship cohesively. It is not a digital address book as seen as many rather it is pivotal in organizing business interactions and greatly influencing sales productivity. You may be asking yourself: Is it worth having, does it manage prospects, leads and clients? Keep on reading as we bring you up to speed on this marketing software. Firstly, let’s see how the CRM system allows you to track business and client interactions:

How CRM Software Works:

The CRM software improves your business in virtually every aspect of operation. It increases business efficiently when used correctly. But, what makes it excel as such? Its effectiveness can be ascribed to the systems which have been integrated into the software. These includes:

Marketing and Sales Automation:

Has been seamlessly integrated into this management software alongside many support processes and contact management for both customer service and technical support. Numerous templates and bulk emails can be created with the marketing automation suite which aids marketing campaigns and follow-ups. It also enables tracking of customers’ interaction and the company from emails, social media accounts, phone records, websites and online chats etc. The CRM also gives its user the added edge of sending announcements and newsletters as part of its marketing functions which can also be automated.

Automatic alerts and reminders:

As the name suggests, this is an added tool which notifies its user of pending tasks, appointments or a customer’s activity that recently took place. This helps in tracking customers alongside business activities.

Automated email tracking:

This is made possible as the CRM software assembles all its information together The CRM software can track emails automatically which helps in accessing the values of email marketing campaigns. This is essential in determining each campaign’s ROI.

Custom landing page:

The information gathered by the CRM tool helps develop relevant contents that suit the needs of each customer.

Rate different prospects:

This management tool gives you an insight which can be used to rate prospects, putting you in a well-placed position to convert such leads into long term customers.

Customer Satisfaction Surveys:

CRM can be used to determine the perception of customers as it offers insights on customers, their volume of interaction with your business, their purchasing history and how they locate your business.


Why It Is Helpful:

To every business, gaining new customers, retaining old ones and expanding is very important and comes at a great cost. This means that every customer is vital. It is essential to find more opportunities to conduct business with customers. This is possible by opening different channels of interaction like franchising, online sales, direct sales etc. When other channels of interactions are opened up, managing them becomes paramount, bringing CRM to the fore.


How It Can Improve Your Business:

The customer relationship management tool offers so much in achieving optimal business results. Here are 6 benefits to consider:

Business Relationship

CRM improves your relationship with your customers as it places you in a better position through the information you have about them at different stages of interaction i.e from leads to customers. Such information helps in improving your service quality and strengthens business interactions.

With a unified system of operation, the CRM serves as the single source of information for all members of a team. This eventually reduces information gaps and promotes a consistent front to the customer, thereby improving communication.

Increase In Sales

Companies that have implemented a fully-functional CRM system have experienced a 29% increase in sales. With the insights gathered on leads and existing customers, integrated emails and automated workflow you understand them more and then utilize the right conditions e.g time or market conditions, to convert leads to sales which increases revenue.

Reduces Data Entry

With the automation of everyday tasks, you have a lesser amount of data to input, this in-turn enhances productivity and manages times.

Increased Partnership

The information garnered through CRM is vital to sales as well as marketing and technical support. HEventually, it leads to business collaborations which goes further in strengthening a brand.

Improve Marketing Techniques

Knowing the marketing tactics that are producing the most conversions will help refine them based on the feedback from the management suite. This enables correction of errors and optimization of successful channels. Your business sales will increase profoundly.


The CRM offers a return on investment alongside its wonderful benefits with an average of $5.60 for every $1 spent. Since 2011, this value has increased to $8.71 for every dollar spent. For more productive business techniques, keep researching to get more business techniques that will help you achieve desirable success.