8th Aug 2018

Calgary Marketing: Marketing Your Cafe

When you open the doors to your new Calgary business, you probably expect customers to keep pouring in, profits doubling every month and generating a whole lot of excitement. Once you’ve been open for a few weeks, reality sets in that you are going to have to work hard to grow your business and develop a Calgary Marketing Strategy. There are a lot of factors that go into creating a successful business. Today we’re defining success as bring in a sustainable cash flow that profits you and your employees.

One of the major factors that can make or break a business is how well is marketed. In this article, we will explore a few Calgary marketing strategies that are designed to market a bistro or café.

Here is everything you need to consider when it comes to your Calgary Marketing Strategy.

  1. Location

The location of your café is one of the most important factors people will use in deciding if they should patronize you. Prioritize finding a beautiful building in a walkable, safe location. The next step? Make sure people can find you! Have you posted your location on Google Maps and social media? Have you utilized print marketing? Make sure your sign is bold and noticeable.

A suitable location should be easy to find both in person and online. A good online presence with clear instructions on what you do where you are will help you a lot. In fact, if you create a strong online presence, people may break their routine or go out of their way to visit you!

  1. Flyers

Flyers are a good way to let people know you are opening or you are already open. You need to know who you are trying to reach and where you can reach them. For cafes, it’s best to focus locally! People need their coffee fix quickly in the morning.

  1. Market with free samples.

Offer samples at your grand opening! It may keep people coming back for more. This is a great way to make people aware of your products. If your product or the way you serve it is exceptional, it will make them want to stop by your café. It is also smart to take your business cards or maybe your flyers to these events so people can have something through which they can remember you. Try starting a customer reward program for regulars, whether it be discounts of free coffees etc.

  1. Provide great customer service.

Marketing does not end when you get the customer to your café. It is more important to keep customers than to get new ones. And one of the effective ways to keep customers is great customer service.

Customer experience in your café is key to your success. How are the met at the door? How are they treated by workers? How much do you value the time of the customers?

Some businesses give gifts to their customers as a way to appreciate them. If this works for you then do it. However, often the best gift is fast, courteous and thoughtful service.

  1. Themed Events.

There are several ways to explore this marketing strategy. The key is to know what resonates with your target customers. Sports-themed events could be great. If your community has a local team, you could show away games in your café. People might gather for the games but they will buy your products.

You could host community themed events. You could host Canada Day events. You could hold Christmas events.

You could hold blood-donor sessions. The ideas are limitless. The point is to get the customers into the door.

  1. Feedback

You may think your Café is the greatest thing to ever hit your community but your customers may think otherwise. The opinion of the customer is king. You need to know what they think about your business, your service, your products and even your location. It is not enough to ask them by mouth. They will likely say it is good but leave them a comment card. Some people don’t like to make a fuss but they will be honest if they can be anonymous. Do not dismiss the complaints of customers or try to explain it away. Treat each comment as important. They are the ones you are trying to reach, and they know themselves more than you do. Remember also that these customers can be your best marketing tool. Word of mouth is free and often the most effective.

  1. Influencer marketing.

Who are the people in your community that your demographic listens to? They can help you reach customers faster than you can on your own. When it comes to coffee shops you want to look into local foodies or lifestyle influencers or. If your coffee shop has a unique twist like being eco-friendly or a cat café, your possible influencers may vary. Look for someone that connects with your values!

Be sure to also partner with other businesses when developing your Calgary marketing strategy. They are known and have the customer base you desire.


Need some help with your Calgary Marketing Strategy? We’ve got your back!