10th Apr 2015

Calgary Marketing

There is an explosion of creativity in Calgary all over the city – in art, in music, in architecture and in Calgary marketing. Art has always been at the heart of the city and this artistic feeling contributes much to its fresh and healthy vibe. From the Peace Bridge to the Wonderland sculpture in front of the Bow Building, Calgary has a habit of inspiring artists to push boundaries, start conversations and most of all, to get noticed.

In this environment, businesses have been able to maximise on the feeling and nowhere has it been better used that in the Calgary marketing scene. A professional marketing agency incorporates graphic design, web design, photography, video production and printing which all need artistic input. There aren’t many talented web designers that are also talented graphic designers. Each field needs someone who understands the medium, but also understands art. Anyone can produce finished marketing mixed media, but not everyone can produce effective marketing mixed media.

Calgary marketing art is about taking the elements of type, images and colour and using them to create effective messages that reach a targeted audience. A graphic designer keeps ahead of the current trends in art and marketing, always creating and refining their talent to make sure that the image does what it should – persuade people. Creating the kind of marketing that works is not a ‘happy accident’, it takes skill and professional maturity and that kind of talent is enhanced in a creative environment like Calgary.

The Calgary arts scene is diverse and vibrant so there is much creativity to draw from. Calgary’s artist run centres provide exhibition space for artists. Many, such as UAS (Untitled Artists Society), focus specifically on emerging artists and offer support from the submission process through the installation of an exhibit to its eventual dismantling. UAS’s Arts Survival 101 lecture series covers topics like taxation for artists and finding a studio space.

“We act as a bridge for emerging artists entering into the professional world,” Ginger Carlson, programmer for the UAS says. “Our interest is providing a space for experimentation where risky things can happen.” This kind of support encourages emerging artists to stay and create in Calgary instead of moving away. Calgary graphic designers are part of this scene and their artistic eye for detail is what makes the Calgary marketing scene so alive and unique. Making use of such talent can only benefit your marketing.

Your marketing is the face of your company. You need to make sure your marketing is created by a professional company that understands what will work well in your industry and your area. We at Arc Reactions are actively involved in the Calgary marketing scene and the art scene. We work hard to understand your project and produce the most impressive art work that knows the local market. Contact us and we can set you on the road the AMAZING marketing art – Arc Reactions, where art, meets brand.