30th May 2018

Calgary Marketing: Father’s Day Marketing Ideas

Father’s day is a very day of the year, not only for fathers for business owners. It is a day when children get to return the favour to their caring fathers and pamper them a little. It is also a day when businesses can potentially make more money than they normally would. Your duty as a business owner is to give potential customers a reason or incentive to come to your store, on or offline on this special day. These Father’s Day marketing ideas will help you run a successful and meaningful campaign!

Your duty as a business is to make it easier for customers to make their choices and consequently their purchases.

Here are our top Father’s Day marketing Ideas:

  1. Make It Personal.

The first of our Father’s Day marketing ideas is an overarching concept, make it personal. Father’s day is as personal as holidays come. Some customers may be satisfied to buy stock greeting cards but most of them will be looking to get something that says ‘I put some thought into this’. They may not want to put so much thought into the gift or may not have the time to do that; this is where you come in.

If you products are things that can be personalized, offer them that service. Even if you don’t, find a way to make your products personal and not generic. Both the fathers and the buyers will love this more.


  1. Storytelling.

It is not enough to put your products out there and say “buy this”. Storytelling is a way to bring life to your products. Give your products an identity by capturing and sharing stories about them. Take your audience on a journey and turn your products into an experience. The point of storytelling is to get your customers emotionally involved with your products so that it is not just plastic or metals or ceramics to them. People will prefer to give their dads something with some sentimentality attached to it. This Father’s Day Marketing ideas is a thread that can be pulled through different mediums that come together to create a well-rounded campaign.


  1. Create a Social Media Contest.

Contests can be a great way to market your products. People love free stuff and will be willing to do some things to get them. Including marketing your products. Social media contests are very popular now and they could be a great way to market your products. Your contest could be asking people to take pictures using your products. They could review your product and the best review wins.

Giving away your products away for free can sound like losing money it is a good way to draw attention to your business.

For father’s day make your prizes things dads would love. You can give away tickets to baseball, basketball or football games, a free round of golf, concert tickets and other gifts you think fathers will like.


  1. Hire a Photographer.

On Mother’s day you see a lot of pictures of mothers but for some reason, fathers don’t seem to have it the same.  You could offer to take free pictures of everyone who comes in with their father to buy something from your store or to use your service.

When taking these pictures, be sure that your logo or name or products are in the pictures. Apart from the business, you will get on the day, more people will get to know what you do. You should also post the pictures so people can come to your social media pages and hopefully they will like your page too.


  1. Create a Discount for Children.

You can create an event for children to come in and buy gifts for their dads. Every gift bought by a child will be at a discount. You can run your discounts in several ways. You can put a discount on products you know fathers will love or you can put a discount on all your products. The children will most likely come with an adult who may end up buying more expensive and products that are not discounted.


  1. Provide Special Delivery Service.

You can offer customers delivery to their dads for this special day. They may come in or make their purchases online and you deliver to the dads. Does your business already have a delivery service? You can make this day special for dads by adding something different to show them they are loved. Customized cards, branded stress balls, branded air fresheners or other promotional items.


  1. Create a ‘Gift Ideas’ Board.

Most people have no idea what a good gift is. And it is even worse when you are buying for your dad who seems to have everything. An idea board of your products and services will help people know what gifts they can give. You can do a survey of dads before the day so your gift ideas actually work. If there is no time for that, consider asking the dads in your life what they would like to receive on that day. Offerings will be different based on your business!

The board can be placed in your store before father’s day and it should be on all your social media platforms. Moms do most of the father’s day shopping so your posts should be targeted at them!


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