20th Jun 2018

Calgary Marketing: Residential Construction

Competition for home builders is stiff in Calgary and building a new home isn’t cheap. That means you need to set yourself apart from the competition and showcase your quality work! Creating a solid Calgary marketing plan is the first step in differentiating yourself.

Different industries have different requirements when it comes to Calgary Marketing. Today, we are talking about how residential construction companies can make a splash when it comes to Calgary marketing.

This guide to marketing will best showcase your home building business to your potential clients and will highlight what you can do and how you can do it.

Social Media Presence

Presence on social media is important if you are interested in Calgary marketing. You need to maximize the opportunities that social media presence.

Know your audience and who you address with your posts. Create content that addresses their questions and piques their interest. Knowing your audience will determine which social media platforms you will spend your time on.

Build relationships with your followers, answer their questions. Not all your customers will engage you on social media, place your emphasis on those who do. Don’t spend all your energy selling, try to help your followers and sharing interesting content.

Stay active on your platforms. Inconsistency is one of the fastest ways to kill your social media influence. The sheer amount of content on social media now means you have to post a lot to be seen. Be aware of trends and use them to your advantage.


You need to get visual with your posts, especially when it comes to selling something visual like a home. Images are rated the best way to optimize content on social media. People react to visual content than text. Post team photos when you reach a milestone or even staff birthday. Take and post photos of customers recently built home. Take photos of events, it’s a good way to keep your customers involved in what is going on with your business.  Don’t use generic photos, take your own. People will connect more with those.

Online Ads

This method is one of the fastest ways to market your business. To us, it’s not an option, it’s a necessity. There are several ways to place Ads online: You could pay directly to a website that is related to your business or that has readers who are potential customers and they post a banner of your business.

You could advertise with Google Adwords and they will place your Ads on relevant websites. You could also advertise on Facebook. You can sponsor a post, a page or an event on Facebook. There are several other methods including advertising on YouTube.

Behind the Scenes

People want to know what is going on behind the scenes. Creating behind the scenes videos or pictures are a great way to increase the interest of people in what you’re doing. People connect more with a brand when it has a story they can relate with. Showing them what happens behind the scene is a good way to tell that story.


Running a poll has several advantages like getting feedback on your services and connecting with your users on a personal level. Businesses usually spend a lot of money on hiring people to get the feedback you can get by creating a poll on your social media pages. The people following your brand on social media are probably your loyal customers and will provide honest feedback, what do they have to lose?

Polling also provides insight and understanding into your readers and customers minds. You will get to their needs in a real time.

Polls are also great for content generation; the poll is one piece and the showing the results is another.

Support local businesses

Another great way to market your business is to support other local businesses around you. Collaborations should be mutually beneficial and make sense!  By providing them with your services, their customers get to know about you. They are also more likely to patronize or recommend you if you have offered them quality services at one point. Home builders may want to partner with interior designers or florists on a show home. Another beneficial collaboration would be a partnership with a landscaping business, try offering a discount for referred customers.

Ask for reviews

Reviews are real people saying real things about your products. At least that’s how your potential customers see it. Your marketing teams may say great things about your products, but potential customers want to hear from people like them who do not have affiliations with your business. Ask current and former satisfied clients to review your business on Facebook or Google. If you aren’t getting many reviews, consider offering some sort of incentive, like being entered into a giveaway!

Don’t just focus on reviews online, word of mouth referrals are key to home builders because the stakes are high when it comes to home building. Make sure you are going above and beyond to offer your customers quality service, so you are more likely to gain referrals from them in the future.


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