15th Mar 2017

Calgary Web Designer: A Growing Market

Calgary Web Designer: A Growing Market


Calgary’s main industry has been dominated by oil for many years and our city is typically known for its energy offerings but in recent years there has been a creative diversification. Calgary is now bustling with Calgary web designers that offer unique services to their customers.


The economic downturn in the oil industry has left a space for other industries to take center stage. In 2014 oil prices took a hard hit. This lead the many oil companies laying off employees and downsizing their offices and spending. This was a hard break for people working in the oil industry, and the city. But, it isn’t all negative. There has been an explosion of creative businesses including marketing, photography, graphic design and web design. Now that the oil industry is in recovery, they can rise, along with the creative industries in the coming years.

Not all Calgary we designers have the same set of skills. You want a seamless combination of beautiful design and function assets for your users. Here are some things to keep in mind when designing your website.

Form. One of the first things you will notice is the aesthetic design of the website. and of course, it is one of the most important aspects of building a new website. Before choosing your Calgary web designer, browse as many portfolios as you can. If you choose a designer that already creates websites you like there will be fewer changes in the long run, which will save you and your designer time and energy. Go to the meeting knowing what you like, but be open to innovative ideas, the designer might have something in mind you haven’t even thought of yet.

Function. Calgary web designers have the interesting task of combining form and function. The function is of equal or even more important than form. You want your interface to be user-friendly and highlight the aspects of your products and services you really want to show off. Your most essential information should be easy to find with a sitemap that is easy for SEO to crawl as well as a user. Your business’ social links should be easy to find because no customer wants to waste time. Avoid an excess of information on the website, if you are classifying something as low priority, question yourself “Does this add value to my web design?” If the answer is no, you may want to consider leaving it out. Another important aspect of the function is your Calgary web designer’s ability to make your site look good and function in differing screen sizes. With a significant increase in mobile browsing, it’s more important than ever to have a mobile-friendly website.

Infographics. When creating the design of your website, one thing we recommend is helpful infographics. There have been many times when we are working for engineering firms or other technical industries that may not be the easiest for a layman to understand. In these cases, we have incorporated infographics into a web design. Custom infographics can add a level of design interest to the page while being jam-packed with information.

Loading Speed. So now you have invested in creating a beautiful, concise website. Don’t skimp on the hosting site. If your website has slow loading speeds your website will be penalized by Google and will deter customers. Google classifies websites based on a range of factors, one of them being loading speed. If you have a slow loading speed, on desktop or mobile, it could hurt your Google ranking.

A lot is happening in the Web design market all over the world and right here in Calgary. Without a website, your brand may be left in the dust. Keep these things in mind when choosing a Calgary web designer in the growing market.