18th Jul 2018

Calgary Marketing: Why You Need an App for Your Brand

To stay competitive in the Calgary market brands are constantly trying to up their game and create features that make them stand out. One of the ways to do that is creating an App. Here we’ll go over some of the benefits of creating an app so you can decide if it makes sense to incorporate it into your Calgary marketing plan.

Mobile Sales.

If you are looking to save expenses and are looking for ways to increase your sales, mobile apps are one of the ways to do this. The directly increase your sales in several ways.

Mobile orders are one of the obvious ways mobile apps increase your sales. Users can scroll through your products and place their orders on their mobile phones. More and more customers are looking to make their purchases on their mobile because it offers an easy and always available way to make purchases.

Push notifications can help you make sales. You can inform customers of new products with a link to make the purchase immediately.

People can also make reservations on your app. Instead of going to searching for your website or making a call, people can make a booking with a simple click. This will increase the chances of people buying from you.

Information Hub.

You get out information faster to your customers. They already carry you with them on the mobile devices which means you don’t have to wait for them to visit your website or come into your store to know about promotions or discounts or other programs or products you have available.

Push notifications are a great way to market your product. With a mobile app, you can easily send push notifications to your customers when a new product is out or when a sale is going on. Your app provides another promotional channel for your business. You can also send company news with push notifications.

Personalized experience.

When people register on your mobile app, they provide information with which you can customize or personalize their experience. The promotions you send to them, the kind of new products you send to them, the discounts you tell them about will all be tuned to their needs.

With a mobile app, your customer can select their favourite range of products or service they prefer and limit the information they receive to these select fields.

This personalization is important. If you send too many irrelevant information to people they may disregard other messages you send believing it will be of no help to them. Customizing the experience of your customers also meet their needs without them having to go through the long process of browsing through several unwanted products.

Streamlined customer rewards.

Rewards are well known to increase loyalty among your fans and people who are already using your product. With a mobile loyalty program, you can reward loyal customers and people who shop frequently with you. You don’t even have to bother with tracking or printing cards, you can do it all on your mobile platform.

The rewards you give to your customers can be streamlined to their preferences. With the mobile app, you can know what kind of rewards or gifts each customer will like and appreciate. This is a strong Calgary marketing strategy because it is giving people what they want and like.

Increased brand awareness.

Your mobile app can have a feature that links it to your social media platforms. With this, people can easily share your social media posts or share content from the app to their social media platforms. Digital word of mouth is a very compelling tool that you should use in your Calgary marketing.

People can also RSVP events that you are holding. Users can register to be at your events from the app. This can help you to manage events; you know an estimate of the people that are coming and it helps you to manage attendance. It also tells you if you need to push more on your marketing if people are not registering for your events.

You can give out coupons to people who check-in when at your location. This is a fun way to reward your customers for coming to buy from you and it can also increase your sales.

People can also sign up for newsletters on your mobile app. The people who have downloaded your app are probably already interested in your business. There is a higher chance they will sign up for your newsletter than someone who just stumbled on your website. With the newsletter, you can give your customers more information about your business that may be too much for the app.

Get Customer Feedback.

Mobile apps are a great way to get feedback from customers. They meet the customer where they are. The app allows them to provide you with feedback directly without having to leave the mobile experience. To get the feedback you want from your mobile users, you need to be proactive. Ask them for feedback at the right time. Even if they don’t have a feedback for you when you prompt them for one, next time they have a question or a complaint, they know what to do. Of course, this feedback needs a response and the response can come back to them through the mobile app.


Still not convinced you need an app? Here is a fantastic article on how it can help your business grow and strengthen your Calgary marketing plan:



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