10th Dec 2018

2019 Calgary Web Development Essentials

Staying current regarding web design trends over the years is crucial to the success of any brand’s website. Many changes occur every year. Web features that may seem cutting edge now will become commonplace in no time. That is why it’s crucial to stay on top of trends when investing in Calgary web development. Utilize the hottest 2019 trends to ensure your website will feel fresh for years to come! Keep your eye on these 2019 Calgary web development essentials.

2019 Calgary web Development Essentials:

Voice Search

Voice Search has made leaps and bounds in recent years. Today what use to look like a far-fetched sci-fi idea has slowly taken over the web. Voice Search is commonplace in this era and will continue to play a crucial role in Calgary web development in 2019. Technology like Amazon Alexa has quickly taken the world by storm. In 2019 it will be crucial that your store is fully accessible via voice search features. Amazon Alexa utilizes Bing to deliver voice search results to users. Therefore, it is essential that you pay close attention to your ranking on their searches. After all, Google isn’t the all-to-end-all of online searches.

Invest in Security

This year has seen online security take a major spotlight. There were several notable cases where websites, and their users, were compromised. Between Google+ and Facebook leaks in recent months, online security remains at the forefront of the minds of every internet user. We expect that to continue into 2019. Therefore, you need to look for what you can do to ensure that your site is adequately secure. This will help you protect your user’s information. Website security has been a major issue in recent years and implementing adequate protocols to tackle the problem will help you fight data leaks in 2019 moving forward.

Mobile in Mind

Mobile friendly web design has been trending in recent years. In 2019, this is set to continue. More people are accessing websites on mobile devices. Many brands are designing their web pages with mobile devices in mind. With mobile websites now taking priority, it isn’t a surprise that mobile first web design is now a trend. Mobile first web design involves changing the way websites are designed fundamentally. Formerly every site would be designed for a laptop or desktop computer although a mobile-friendly design might also be added. However, mobile first design is the opposite: it begins with designing the website for mobile users first before modifying the design for desktops version.


Creating a web design that loads fast will be essential in 2019. A lot of sales are lost because many users don’t have the patience to wait for a slow loading page. Simple or minimalist designs have become more popular because they are built to load faster hence easy for visitors to navigate. A site with a beautiful design is nice, but if the web design is data-heavy that it takes plenty of time to download, you can be losing revenue. Google has started to prioritize rankings for website loading with its new Speed Update that was launched in July 2018. It is likely that other online search engines will follow this path. What this means is that your site needs to load faster. So you need to prioritize speed during your web design process.


Chatbots have become increasingly common on websites. Improve your response rates with chatbots. They are the customer service representatives for 2019. Think of bots as the forefront of customer interaction. They are quick, polite and available at all times. You can customize bots in a range of ways to build different conversation streams that gets your clients the information they require. If your chatbot does not have the answer your customers need, they can direct the client to a human agent that does. Yes. Customer service on the web has become faster and more efficient over the years thanks to this technology. Don’t overlook chatbots in your web development for 2019.


Despite the importance of keeping things simple, video backgrounds are incredibly popular going into 2019. Maybe you may not buy the idea of video background because of speed being a huge factor, but, interestingly, it is a fact that video backgrounds increase conversions. Videos are more compelling than images or texts. Video posts are now being prioritized over other types of posts on various platforms today. Some even make videos easier to watch by auto-playing on mute as you are scrolling through your feed. When users visit your site and see a video in the background, they are likely going to watch it because videos draw more attention. The more a user stays on your website, the more your chances of conversion will improve.

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