19th Nov 2018

What Does Your Website Say About Your Business?

First impressions are everything when it comes to business development. Keeping your website user-friendly and fresh is paramount when it comes to making a positive impression on your visitors in the digital era. In the present, people are more likely to find your brand through an online search rather than in a newspaper or magazine advertisement. Therefore, your website is the foundation of your business. Users expect your website to provide the first impression of your business. Your website is your digital business card. Therefore, it is essential that your Calgary web design is of high quality!

Your website is essentially your storefront! It should look professional. When you look at your business, think; would I do business using this brand? What does my website say about my business? Is my site slow to load or jumbled to frustrate visitors? Does it make my business look trustworthy and professional? If your website is slow to load or unorganized it is likely going to frustrate your visitors and inevitably making your business look unprofessional. If your store is dirty, with poor signage, it is likely people won’t even give you a chance. The same goes for Calgary web design. Ensure your website gives off a positive first impression by watching these key areas:

Professional Calgary Web Design: 


Poor navigation is one of the main reasons people leave a website. If they find it difficult to get the information they need, there is a good chance that they will withdraw and move to the next website. This is because disorganized websites are unpleasant to use.

Making sure that your site is easy to navigate is an absolutely essential aspect of Calgary web design. It will help push your business to greater heights because you will attract more customers to your webpage and then keep them there! If your website is organized and easy for your users to comprehend, it will give your prospects a good user experience which generally leads to more conversions. Having a website that is easy to navigate will reduce your bounce rate and increase your customer satisfaction.


Over-designing your website can make your business unprofessional. The goal here is to keep your Calgary web design simple. Remember your website is created to inform, hence it’s design needs to be kept streamlined with your important photos and information taking the forefront. Another benefit of having a simple Calgary web design is that your website will load faster. This is an advantage because Google favours sites that load quickly. Additionally, your SEO will struggle if your website is slow to load.

Because web design is focused basically on giving prospects or users an excellent experience, you need to create a usable site that is easy to understand. Keeping things simple with carefully implemented ideas will make your website efficient and attractive. Using fewer elements will help you simplify your design and boost user interaction and experience.


Stock photos can be very helpful when it comes to building an attractive website. On the other hand, cheesy stock photographs can cheapen or downgrade your brand. Focus on photos that truly represent your brand and send the message you are trying to convey. For example, if your business is promoting luxury, you should focus on images that fit that message. If you are looking for a truly custom website, consider working with a photographer to capture pictures that will perfectly fit with your business. Good photography will tell your audience a story and will allow you to speak about your business without saying a word.


It is essential to continuously refresh your website. Refresh your 2000’s website by carrying out a 2018 update. Many things have changed over the last 10 years. And more changes are occurring every day. Remember that users can immediately sense an outdated website which can lead them to believe that you are not one of the pioneers of your industry. Therefore, it is essential to show your customers that you’re on the cutting edge of technology by regularly giving your site a modern update. Besides, when you upgrade your website it automatically improves its functionality and speed (both of which are highly crucial to providing a professional website that offers excellent user experience).


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