29th Nov 2017

Corporate Web Design: 5 Reasons to Invest in a New Website Design

Owning a website is no longer a luxury or an extra, it is an essential part of running a business. You cannot run a corporation without a quality website that conveys your purpose and brand. If your website is outdated or improperly formatted it may be time to invest in a new corporate web design. After all, your website is a resource for potential and current clients and even can be used to accomplish some of the marketing strategies that will help your corporation grow.

A website is cost effective when compared to a brick and mortar office. Just imagine if Amazon had to build a brick and mortar office in every town where their website is currently accessible. The cost will be astronomical.

Websites are accessible every hour and minute of the day regardless of where the customer is located. This means you can literally make money while you sleep. This is both profitable for you and convenient for your customers. Would you rather drive around, looking for a store that sells what you desire or shop from the comfort of your own home? Your customers will probably give the same answer.

Having a website gives your business some credibility. When you tell people about the service or product you offer, they can easily check you up online. They can also see other people who have bought from you and the reviews they left. It will give them the confidence to trust you.

Sales and marketing work better when you have a website. When you are visible worldwide, you can plan your marketing strategies to reach a wider audience. Not everyone will be interested in what you have to offer but there is a higher chance you will sell more than if you were reaching only people in your immediate environment.

If you already have a functioning, but a dated website, here are some reasons you may need to revamp your website.

  1. Your corporate web design offers a poor experience for mobiles users.

A large percentage of internet users right now access the internet from their mobile devices. If your website is not mobile compatible, you will lose a lot of potential customers. And note that is not only a matter of accessing your website on mobile devices, it is the convenience.

A mobile website isn’t just a smaller version of your desktop website. Mobile websites have the following features.

  • Upfront menu navigation buttons and easy to read text.
  • Click-to-call option so that your customers can tap on your phone number and call without having to type out the numbers.
  • All menus, graphics are streamlined so that it can load fast and easy over a cellular network.
  • One-touch contact information that your customers can easily touch and save in their phone contacts.
  1. The content on your website isn’t communicating the right message anymore.

Website design – fonts, colours and so on – are important but the most important element of your website is the content. It doesn’t matter how beautiful or well-constructed your website is, it will not be effective if it does not have the right content. And without the right content, it cannot send the right message.

Have you made changes to your business? Have you changed some of the services and products you offer? Have you made changes in the purpose you intend to serve? Your website may need a new design.

A website is designed to send a specific message to everyone who visits it. Your website has to stay on message every time, even if it means a total redesign.

  1. It is hard for your visitors you find what they need or complete an action on your website.

One of the major reasons you have a website for your business is so your customers have easy access to your business and buy from you conveniently. Once this is not being fulfilled anymore, you need to make some changes on your website.

If you have a store on your website, for example, if customers cannot easily search for the product they seek to buy, you need to make some changes. After finding the products they want to buy, how easy is to make the purchase? Is your purchasing platform secure?

Can the customers easily contact your customer services? Are the pictures on your website taking longer to load? Is your website overloaded because of the number of visits your website now has?

Once any change occurs on your website that makes your users inconvenient, it may be time for a new website design.

  1. Your corporate web design doesn’t include video content.

More and more internet users are more interested in videos than text. Most corporate web design uses videos to share their content. You also need to make this change if you want to remain relevant in your field.

Why do you need more videos on your website?

  • It is how internet users are consuming content.

Most users of the internet have a short attention span and videos allow users to consume more content faster.

  • It creates a great website experience.

Websites shouldn’t be static brochures but an experience the customer wants to relive. Videos are a way to make connections with your users and increase the number of loyal customers you have.

  • Online sales.

When a customer gets to see an explainer video showing them how to use a product, they are more likely to make a purchase.

  1. You don’t have a clear digital strategy.

Your digital strategy is your plan for maximizing the business benefits of data assets and technology-focused initiatives.

Your corporate web design is a very important part of your digital strategy. It should be the centrepiece that brings it all together.

A clear digital strategy should specify your business visions, goals, opportunities, and related activities to maximize business benefits.

Without a clear strategy, your website will be all over the place without hitting any targets. You also will not be able to judge the success or failure of your website or your digital marketing efforts.