25th Mar 2019

4 Ways to Improve Your Website

The importance of investing in professional, polished Calgary web design cannot be overstated. When guests visit you at home, you want to give off a good first impression. People do not house guests when their house is dirty and disorganized. It should be the same for your business’s website. This is important because you only have a short period to grab visitor’s attention. and you want to attract that attention for the right reasons! According to research, users are likely going to read 20 percent of the words they see on any given website. If your site is cluttered and does not have a clear or concise message or even a call to action, your customers won’t stick around to find it. Streamlining your Calgary web design will improve efficiency for you and your customers.

Accessing your current Calgary web design:

Can your customers determine what your business does? Can they easily navigate your website if they need to? How does the layout of your site look? Is it easy to comprehend? If you find yourself answering ‘no’ to the questions asked here, it may be time to critically look at the way you have been designing and optimizing your website. Your website must have a design that enhances your user’s experience and increases functionality. Your website needs to clearly speak with your audience regarding what you do, how you do it, and why you do it, as well as who you do it for. Below are four ways to improve your Calgary web design:

Logical Navigation

There is nothing more frustrating for users than finding your website and then not being able to get the information they require. Comprehensive navigation is essential when designing your website. Navigation is basically the map of your website. There’s nothing worse for consumers than a website that has a disorganized navigation interface.

Your navigation must be logical and easy to use. When updating your website’s navigation, it is important to make sure that your visitors can find what they are looking for quickly and easily. Overtime sites can become overcrowded with additions of pages and products. Start your site update by reviewing your analytics. This will help you access which pages patrons are accessing, and what navigation paths they take to get there. It is also helpful when accessing problem areas on your website by look for pages that have a high bounce rate. After which you determine where prospects are going on your site and what they are doing complete an inventory of the number of pages you have. Then decide which ones are crucial to your brand message or your business goals.


Don’t forget that optimizing your website for mobile is arguably the most important element of modern Calgary web design. These days a mobile-friendly website is a must-have. Nearly 50% of all online searches begin on mobile devices! If your site isn’t responsive, you might be losing customers. A responsive site means that the site will respond to the mobile device a person is using to view your page. It is no longer a luxury to build a responsive website; it’s a necessity. It is also a necessity to tailor your website to fit into the needs of your visitors. You may want to ask yourself this, why would someone access my website on a mobile device? What things could they look for? Does my platform have this option?

Add Testimonials

Consumers love testimonials. 90% of people look at reviews online before visiting a business. This is the digital version of the word of mouth referral. Ask your former satisfied clients for a testimonial or review on your site. Because if you have good clients who say great things about you or your business, it is something that should be seen by all. The best way to ensure that your testimonials are viewable is to spread it throughout your website. If you decide to use video testimonials or case studies, look for a way to tuck them in there. Make your testimonials easy to find! After all, you want your positive reviews at the forefront.

Fresh Content

Updating your website with fresh and exciting content is fundamental when it comes to keeping your website interesting. Refresh your main page with your most recent sale or marketing endeavour. Update your branding for the season. You can also make your site feel modern, current and professional by including new content. Visitors value fresh content. Internet users primarily rely on a host of sites and other digital platforms to provide interesting, current, and relevant information. While a substantial number of users develop loyalty towards certain websites, that loyalty won’t mean much if the site isn’t updated in a timely fashion!


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