10th Oct 2018

Calgary Web Design: A Landing Page That Will Land You Leads

Is Your Landing Page Landing You Leads?

Does your landing page convert visitors into leads successfully? Your landing page is your first impression! It should urge your users farther down the sales funnel rather than turning them away. Simply focus on making a few tweaks to your pages landing pages and investing in quality Calgary web design to get the ROI you’re looking for.

Don’t go looking for four-leaf clovers in order to generate leads. The issue of getting visitors to your site who will convert isn’t all about luck, it is more about utilizing Calgary web design to create killer landing pages. Given the right tools and adequate knowledge, you will be able to draw more traffic to your website who will successfully convert into leads with pristine landing pages. Below are a few factors to consider when designing a landing page that will land you leads.

Clear Call to Action

Yes, text and images are good for a landing page, but if there is no clear call to action directing your customers then it will be in vain in the end. Hence the best way to boost conversions and begin to generate quality leads, it’s by preparing a clear call to action. So whether it is a shiny button, or an easy-to-use forum, or even a colourful link, your landing page should have a clear call to action that is easy to recognize and utilize. It should be something mobile friendly. The goal of your landing page is to attract visitors who will convert. Ensure that you’re optimizing your Calgary web design by making that call to action, clear, concise and appealing.

A call to action should be clearly stated and distinguished on your website. It should be bold, and compelling. It should be given an above-the-fold spot on your page and drawn up in a contrasting colour so that it can be quickly spotted. Normally, a call-to-action is generally regarded as the second biggest opportunity to significantly improve your conversion rate, after your page’s headline. Making sure it is kept short (ideally 5-7 words) is a highly effective option. If possible, only use verbs that will indicate value, for example, “Create my account” or “Get my free report,” instead of using verbs that show what a prospect has to do, like “Submit”.

Showcase your Product

Make sure that your Calgary web design landing page showcases your product! Note that too much copy may scare visitors away from your site. The amount of information you will want to include when it comes to showcasing your product on your landing page will depend on the complexity of your offer as well as what you want prospects to do. Large purchases and complex products generally require more content to reassure visitors and overcome anxiety. While small purchases, and simple products, on the other hand, may need less information because there won’t be much consumer anxiety to deal with.

Appeal to the emotions of visitors. Emotions can spice up your page copy and inevitably improve conversion rate by capturing their interest and giving them the opportunity to relate to you, and your offer. Copy that is focused on emotions is more interesting to read compared to a bland, boring sales pitch.


No matter the service or product, make sure your landing page is simple, clear and concise. It should be straightforward and crystal clear for your visitors to easily determine their next action. Your interface must be straightforward whether they are viewing it on a desktop and on their mobile devices. Make sure that all elements on your page are user-friendly; including type, links, visuals, buttons and menus. Don’t forget that the elements of your landing page shouldn’t be placed just anywhere on the page. Rather, they have to be consciously constructed if you want them to get the optimum impact.

To make your page easy to use and to ensure that users engage, you must limit the navigational components. You’ve managed to bring audiences there so don’t make them feel like leaving by putting distracting links on your landing page. Since you want prospects to act on your call to action, keep your exit options limited. Your Calgary web design should implement a simple interface.

High Selling Points

When it comes to selling points, the most important element that results to conversion optimization is alignment. The product you offer must match the needs of your prospects as closely as possible. If your visitors don’t want your offer or have no need for it because it doesn’t solve their problems, the conversion rate of your landing page will be dismally low.

You will want your business to be able to help your prospects. You don’t have to brandish band-aids to achieve this. The kind of problems that your offer should be able to solve has more to do with consumer psychology and their clicks. Whether their frustration is as a result of paying too much for products or services, people are always looking for solutions to their problems. The best way to influence your audience is by understanding their problems and tackling them. Ponder on the following questions:

  • What does your audience worry about?
  • What keeps them up at night?
  • How can you make their lives better?

Stay on Brand

The headline of your landing page is the first thing your visitors will see, which is why making it powerful and compelling usually makes the biggest difference. When your ad copy and headline are the same, a compelling headline will help you get more traffic. Don’t drift away from the purpose of your business which is your brand. Make sure answering the questions of prospects and calming their concerns is the priority in your headline. Reassuring visitors eliminates worries and builds trust, making them likely to convert. If your product is well aligned with prospects, it will be invaluable to them. The copy on your landing page must convey that value. Value creates desire, which ultimately leads to more conversions.


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