6th May 2019

Calgary Web Development: Creating An Effective Landing Page

A well-crafted landing page can convert website visitors into leads or even buyers. It contributes to the success of your business. That’s why it is essential that you hire trained, Calgary web development professionals to build your landing page. An effective landing page will lead visitors into your sales funnel, increasing your return on investment. If your landing page isn’t well-designed you may experience a low conversion rate even with perfect PPC ads. However, you can avoid this with thoughtful design.

A flawless and effective landing page layout from utilizing the best in Calgary web development will boost your business. An attractive and engaging design will not only catch the attention of visitors, but it will also lead to their conversion. The following tips will help you to effectively arrange the elements of your landing pages.


F or Z design

A well-designed landing page can compel visitors to complete conversion. Calgary web development creates persuasive landing pages, which draws the attention of their viewers to the call to action (CTA). You can use the F and Z patterns to guide your visitors and lead them to your CTA. This technique allows designers to place the CTA at particular areas of the landing page where the viewers are likely to read.

Generally, most visitors make horizontal eye movements across the upper part of a landing page. Then, they will vertically scan the left side of the page. This viewing habit creates the F-Pattern. Intentionally placing the CTA in the F-Pattern will catch the attention of viewers and compel them to act. The F-design is suitable for pages that are dense with text such as blog posts.

Pages with less text or those that focus on simplicity are better off with the Z-design. The priority of this design is to draw the attention of the viewers to the CTA placed in the Z-path of the eye movement. Consequently, the Z-design is suitable for landing pages which aims only on persuading visitors to take action and improve conversion.



You can convert internet users that stumble upon your company on Google search result and other ways through brand marketing. You can personalize your landing page with elements such as images, text and video. Calgary web developers can personalize your landing page and make the branding consistent to increase conversion. Featuring a logo to show brand identity, personalized colours for brand recognition and user-friendly page structure will help you seal the deal. These factors are likely to compel visitors to complete the CTA.


A Persuasive Call to Action

You may experience a low conversion rate even with tons of traffic to your landing page. Besides the headline, a click on the CTA button can convert those visitors to leads. Make your CTA visually distinct on your landing page to prompt visitors to take action. You can use contrasting colours to attract attention to your CTA button. Use short and action-oriented words that can provoke actions from your visitors for your CTA. Verbs that show value such as “Book an appointment” or “Download my free report” are likely to optimize conversion.


Above the Fold

A proper arrangement of elements above the fold of your landing page can help contribute to its effectiveness. A captivating headline can drive traffic to your header. Such a header will promote the value of the offer on the landing page. It will compel visitors to scroll down to get more information about the proposed offer and click on the CTA button.

The content above the fold gives visitors an initial impression of your landing page. It can convert the viewers or scare them away. A clear and persuasive headline, as well as eye-catching images,  can attract and convert viewers. Avoid cluttering the page with graphics but choose images that can elicit happiness from visitors.


Loading Speed

Speed is an important factor in the creation of an effective landing page. Your visitors don’t want to waste time on slow loading pages. Quality Calgary web development will build fast loading pages that are mobile friendly. You are likely to lose your audience if your landing page takes a long time to load.

In such cases, you need to optimize the loading speed of your landing page. A fast loading page will lead to a high Google ranking, more traffic and eventually higher conversion.


With fast loading, easy to navigate, and mobile-friendly landing page you can yield a high ROI. An effective landing page will attract viewers, convert them, increase your sales funnel, and boost your business.


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