28th Jun 2017

What You Should Know About Corporate Web Design Styles

When it comes to web design, there are many options to choose from depending on the niche and field of endeavour.  Corporations require more from a website compared to small businesses. The truth is that small offline stores that only cater to an established demographic can work well with a fundamental web design. But, the case is different from a corporation that already accumulated customers from many distinct parts of the province, country or world. A huge corporation will require a customized website design that caters to their needs. There are many corporate web design styles from which you need to select the one suitable for your corporation. In that regard, when designing corporation website, below are among the things to pay special attention to:

The Minimal Corporate Web Design

Nowadays, the Minimal websites are still trending among many corporations. It is among the recommended styles for corporate website design you need to pay attention to market your corporation.  The Minimal designs normally make use of carefully selected website elements. These elements are where the attention is being focused. It comes with empty space, which highlights the focus and removes excess noise.  The concise nature and professional design of the minimal style are among the reasons why it is now popular in corporate designs. But don’t worry, minimal doesn’t mean boring, it just means you have to create interest without excess.

The Tiles in Corporate Web Design

One of the elements of in the Corporate Web Design is the tile. Tiles can be described as an efficient way to include diverse ideas at the same time show some key points of focus on the screen. Tiles are also made to make your page look neat and cleverly organized. Even as they help to keep your webpage looking neat and clean, they also allow you to include vital information for the user. That is why tiles are the major point of focus while designing a website for your corporation. You should consider taking advantage of the tiles in your special corporate website design style because it will be a helpful and creative process where you are able to decide what the key features of your business are.

Consider Adding Stack to Your Corporate Web Design

Apart from the tiles, the stack is another element to pay attention to when you want to design a website for your corporation. It is a highly favoured design for corporations. To put it simply, the stack allows users to gain access to the entire essential information right on the homepage of the website. With this, there will be a high reduction in the customer bounce rate. They will stay on the page longer because everything they need to know is right there in front of them. Reducing the bounce rate is ideal for any business and it will also make you look good in the eyes of Google.

The Above and Below the Fold in Corporate Web Design

Another important feature or element to focus on when designing a Corporate Web Design is the above the fold feature. This is an important design element you should have in mind if you prefer going for the stack website design. This is among the time-honoured guides in website design. It simply means to keep most valuable information “above the fold.” This is mainly the part of the webpage that is visible without scrolling. This is originally used to explain the upper half of a newspaper. Simply, keep everything that you want the user to see above the fold. If it’s not vital to your end goal, you can consider putting it below the fold. Make sure you are selective in this process because once these decisions are made they are costly to fix.

Make Use of Video Integration in Corporate Web Design

If you want to fill your corporation landing page with necessary information, then consider integrating video into the design. With an automatic play video right on your corporation landing page, your design is going to have more information to offer the audience. Video integration does much more than most people think. It does not just easily draw people’s eyes, but also a smart way to showcase your branding. Nevertheless, you should be cautious about the videos that come with sound integration. This can be annoying to most unwitting visitors that left their volume on high when they access your corporate webpage. Consider going with something that is graphic and text-based to avoid the previously mentioned issue.

Make Use of Bold Colors in Your Corporate Web Design

A thorough website designer is expected to be a good graphic designer and a good graphic designer should be able to know colour selection. Your corporate web design requires bold colours to look captivating and thrilling to customers. Joining the bold colours with the typography will make your website wonderfully captivating to the users around.  The best way to showcase the unique taste of your brand is with bold imagery. In that regard, you should be able to find out the best way to handle colour selection to make sure you are choosing the best colours for your website design. The bright colours are not just eyed catchy but also have a positive effect on the human brain. That is why bright bold colours are the most recommended colours for corporations. Make sure you only stick with the colours that are highly consistent with your service or product in order to easily create a perfect image. Avoid using many different colours, try and use no more than 4-5 colours. Using more can be overwhelming to the eye.

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