8th Nov 2018

How Artificial Intelligence Will Affect Calgary Marketing

From the sarcastic and brilliant Siri to the current Tesla’s self-driving cars, artificial intelligence has gradually revolutionized industries one by one. Digital marketing will be no different and we can expect to see AI slowly creep into the Calgary marketing industry.

AI will offer Calgary marketing new business opportunities. Using artificial intelligence can help provide Calgary marketing agencies provide a better consumer experience, targeted marketing and predictive analytics. Like other industries, marketers and their clients will be reluctant to adopt artificial intelligence into their Calgary marketing strategy.

However, this year we have seen a growing confidence among businesses with regards to utilizing AI. This may be due to the reduced ambiguity about the results of AI. As more sectors begin to invest in AI the benefits are becoming alarmingly clear to businesses. AI will soon shine its full potential on the Calgary marketing landscape. We will see visible changes in marketing and the impact of the application of artificial intelligence. This article discusses four ways in which artificial intelligence will affect Calgary marketing. We will see different ways artificial intelligence will impact digital marketing as well as some potential areas where artificial intelligence can improve digital marketing tremendously. These possibilities are in the infant stage but advances will be revolutionary as time passes.

How AI can Benefits Your Calgary Marketing Strategy

Chat Bots

Chatbots are a huge advantage to Calgary marketing. They are available to the customer 24/7 and can handle many more customers than a human employee would. While a live agent can handle only 2 to 3 conversations at a time, a chatbot can function without any upper limit. Adopting chatbot solutions will get your Calgary marketing strategy may be the boost you need when entering new markets.

For example, if your business gets many inquiries, bot solutions can instantly take the burden off your support staff. Bots can serve as the first point of contact for your clients when it comes to screening consumer enquiries and redirecting these queries to human agents whenever necessary. Bots are traditionally programmed to interact with people using the information it receives about them. Chatbots can save you time. Chatbots can send personalized messaging to help your users through the buyer’s journey. Your business can reap many benefits thanks to the advances and technologies enabled by AI.

Data-Driven Decision Making

With artificial intelligence, you will be able to make data-driven decisions for your enterprise. Each time a web user browses through the internet; new data is typically generated and taken for AI analysis. This data will reveal information like user needs, behaviour, and future actions. Based on this information, your marketing strategy can be optimized to analyze only the most relevant information.

For example, social media outreach programs also reveal personal information about prospects making it a lot easier for you to create a targeted marketing campaign. This, in turn, will reduce the sales-cycle as only the relevant data is handed over to your customers. These “predictive” campaigns can significantly cut down customer research on any product and make a data-driven decision that is easier. As for your marketers, they can continually analyze your buyer’s behaviour and market to them in a way that will keep them coming back.

Personalized Experience

This is arguably one of the most crucial areas where AI can create a significant impression in marketing. Ensuring your customer is happy is key to success because the customer is the King of any business. Based on information collected including customer searches, interests and buying behaviour, you can carry out customized content campaigns.

This will ultimately make decision making a lot easier for customers as they will be able to perceive any product they are looking to buy even before making a purchase. This will go on to stimulate a faster response from your customers and increase your revenue as well. Chatbots are also another way for artificial intelligence to interfere in enhancing your user experience. Bots are typically programmed to interact with your customers based on the data that it receives about them thereby giving them a personalized experience. Traditional chat box and text communications will gradually make way for multi-dimensional communication systems with sensory abilities like voice and touch which will make the experience better. This would personalize the user experience will make the customer feel valued and more likely to become a patron of your business.

Machine Learning

Machine learning for digital marketing has extensively altered the landscape of marketing by focusing on consumer behaviour, personalization, micro-targeting and other parameters in the marketing ecosystem. The implementation of Machine Learning algorithms into marketing has so far produced phenomenal results for all types of businesses globally. The demand for ML developers across different kinds of companies is rapidly increasing.

Product Recommendations

Product recommendations are one-way artificial intelligence will impact Calgary marketing. Today many businesses or websites are learning how to identify customer likes and dislikes which will allow them to successfully recommend products for their customers according to their habits. With the help of AI like bots, they can ask the appropriate questions to know what you want, why you buy and how it can make your life easier. One good example of product recommendations when it comes to ways that AI can support marketing is when a site recommends similar products to what you take after identifying your likes and dislikes. Faster than what a human agent can offer.