30th Nov 2016

How Calgary Marketing Companies Get You Noticed

How Calgary Marketing Companies Get You Noticed

So, you’ve signed on with one of the best Calgary marketing companies. Hiring a marketing company is one of the best things you can do for your business at any time, but especially during the early days when you really need that extra push to get some wind under your wings and customers in your doors. While the marketing company does – and should do – most of the legwork, you can do your part to help get the word out about your service or product. Or maybe you haven’t hired a marketing company, and you’re trying to hoof it yourself. While you may not be quite as successful on your own due to the lack of resources – marketing companies have way more money and connections than you do – you can still get in on some of that success.

Creative Marketing

Calgary marketing companies have the vast resources to pull some really incredible stunts. They can rent out storefronts to advertise. They can hire artists to paint murals and design billboards. They can pay for booths at parks during local events, and build floats to advertise your business in parades. A marketing company can do all of these things and more, and they can do it with professional polish and modern taste.  There are endless things that Calgary marketing companies can do that are creative, eye-catching, and promote your business. They keep an eye on trends in the Calgary area as well as on the internet, so they know if there’s some cool new marketing trend that consumers are drawn to and loving.

However, you don’t need the resources of a huge marketing company to do some of these things. For instance, it’s easy to buy some balloons with your logo printed on them, rent some helium canisters, and hand them out at local events. It’s affordable to host a small contest or drawing and give away a prize such as a free lunch or a sample of your product or services. While these things may not get you as much widespread attention, it will at least get you noticed and engaging with potential customers and clientele that you could be missing out on if you hadn’t thought creatively.


Ads, either online, on TV, or in print, are the bread and butter of Calgary marketing companies. Whether we like it or not – and none of us like it – ads are important ways to get businesses noticed and drive sales. We see them all the time and generally, we tune them out, but a particularly effective ad campaign will stick in the minds of customers and clients, and in the future, they’ll remember the ads, and in turn will come back to your business. Calgary marketing companies have the resources to make deals with papers and produce high-quality ads for television and YouTube. These resources include writers, producers, choreographers, musicians and composers, and money. While all of the former can be solved with the latter, you may not have those kinds of resources.

While you may not have the resources to do a nationwide ad campaign, you certainly have the money to buy some ads on Facebook. Ads on Facebook and other social media sites and search engines have the distinct benefit of algorithms that put them right in front of customers most likely to see or search for terms relevant to your business.


Designers and artists don’t come cheap – and they shouldn’t. A good artist or graphic designer studied for a long time to acquire the skills necessary to create the best visuals and art for a business. Marketing companies often employ their own graphic designers and artists that work with the company on advertisements and branding to create a cohesive look and feel for a brand and its associated media.

Social Media

Social media branding is notoriously difficult to get right. Social media sites like Reddit, Twitter, and Pinterest is full of users that can smell an ad a million miles away. However, a marketing company can design ads that are engaging enough that consumers don’t mind, entertaining enough that they’re willing to deal with it, or beautiful enough that they can’t stop looking. Calgary marketing companies are also experts in regional tastes – knowledgeable enough about your audience that they can create targeted ads that get customers through your doors. Social media expertise is a hallmark of modern marketing, and getting social media users to engage with businesses can be difficult.

However, you definitely don’t have to be a marketing company to run a successful social media campaign. You just need to know a little bit about how social media works and how to get people to engage with you and your business. What services do you offer, and how best will people be able to find it? Do you want people to share directly with their family and friends? Is it an image-friendly business or service?

Great Content

The best draw for any customer is great content. If your website offers something unique, useful, or best of all–free, then chances are pretty good that they’ll be drawn to your site where they will see where to buy your products or services. Calgary marketing companies are content machines–they staff writers and editors trained to deliver great content for your company website. These writers know exactly what it takes to draw customers to your site, from SEO articles to engaging blog posts.

Of course, with a little legwork, you too could be a social media master. Really, all it takes is Wifi and time. Time to dedicate every day to get to know your followers and post content that they think is interesting, but it is an acquired skill to do well and cut through the white noise of the internet.

Ultimately, even though you could market yourself, a marketing company, without a doubt, has the resources and dedicated staff that can get you the best results for your money. While there are creative solutions you can come up with and implement yourself, a marketing company is the best investment you could make for your business’s long-term success.