3rd May 2017

Calgary Website Development: What Content to Include

Calgary Website Development: Content Design

Calgary website development is about more than making a website beautiful, it is about making sure the site functions. Website development includes many different aspects such as web design, web content publishing, programming, and web management. Custom Calgary website development will require coding on both the front and the backend. This will make it essential that you connect with a professional to create an error free website.

Before you begin developing a website it is important to think of what you will put on the website and how many pages you will need. This will help you determine what kind of web developer you need and what the scope of the project will be. Some things you’ll want to consider: will it be interactive; will users be able to find relevant information etc.? If you want to create an e-commerce site, there is a lot more for you to keep in mind, such as client logins, shopping carts and payment options.

Now that you know enough about Calgary Website Development, one of the vital steps mentioned above is deciding which content to include when designing or developing a website. Here are some of the basics we include in our custom designs and why.

  • About Page

In Calgary Website Development, the “About Us” page is essential. The “About Us” page provides an excellent way to communicate to site visitors your brand’s philosophies. Showcase your skills, professionalism and experience so potential clients know you have the groundwork to solve any problem.

To create an engaging about page you need to figure out what makes your company stand out and sell that image to your visitors. That said, the “About Us” page is one of the most important pages on your website, and it can’t go neglected. Businesses can often overlook the importance of an About Page, even more reason to make yours phenomenal.

  • Testimonials

In Calgary Website Development, for many customers, the testimonials are the key piece of evidence to determine that you can provide actual value to them. In fact, customer testimonials are a highly effective marketing tool, with 89% or consumers consulting them before making a purchase. Gathering your testimonials from clients will be essential in building your trustworthy image. Reach out to customers, that you have a good relationship with, and ask them to share their experience with your brand. Showcasing these people feelings is a great marketing tool and should be something you spend a decent amount of time cultivating.

  • Services and/or Products

Your services/products page is the place where you outline what you’re offering, give visitors the chance to make an enquiry and hopefully, buy from you.

If you haven’t spent time putting together your Services Page, or if you’ve just hastily thrown something together in the past, now is the time to sit down and really make this part of your website work for you. Services Pages is easily the most important page pm your website, so ignore it at your peril.

  • Contact us

The significance of a contact page underlines the importance of search engine optimization for Calgary Website Development. With various people using search engines as a modern-day version of window shopping, supplying important information to help identify where your store is located and how to get in touch is a must. One way to make this information easily accessible is to allow customers to see it without even visiting your website. This is possible through Google, which allows businesses to include their contact information in search results.

  • Blog

There are some debates out there as to whether blogging is still relevant in today’s social media marketing environment. No matter what your opinion of blogs are, they are a key way to bulk up your website and they should be considered when investing in Calgary website development.

A good blog is likely to attract lots of visitors including valuable bloggers (depending on the niche) and a significant number of these visitors might inadvertently create a little community of their own via the blog comments section. Also, blogging adds value to your website by driving traffic to your website, consequentially increase your SEO.

  • Chatbots

Chatbots are computer programs that you “chat” with, for example within messaging apps. Imagine you wanted to buy something from an online retailer. Today you would go to their website, look around until you found what you wanted, and then place an order. But if the said store had a chatbot, you would simply be able to send them a message that you are looking for a particular item, and the bot would respond. You would be having a conversation, if you will, with the store’s bot. Such an experience mimics that of going into an actual physical store and speaking with a salesperson.

  • Search Bar

No matter how perfect your site hierarchy and navigation are, a search bar is paramount for Calgary Website Development. This is essential, what use is a website if the customer can’t find what they’re looking for. From a business perspective, you want to keep people on your site longer and reduce bounce rates. The main function of the search bar is to guide your visitor father down the sales funnel and should keep them on the site rather than linking them out.

These basics will start off any brand with a solid foundation from which they can build a custom website which fits their brand’s needs. For example, an e-commerce site will need many more additional features.