15th Oct 2018

6 Signs You Know It’s Time to Update Your Calgary Marketing Strategy

The sales and marketing landscape is constantly changing, which means it’s wise to constantly assess what is and isn’t working in your current Calgary marketing strategy. Business owners can get preoccupied with day-to-day tasks and allow marketing to slip through the cracks. This may mean they’re not aware of the current marketing landscape or they don’t notice that something isn’t right regarding their marketing strategy. This article highlights six signs that indicate that it’s time for business owners to update their Calgary marketing strategy. If you have experienced any of the signs discussed below, then you can agree that the time has come to give your Calgary marketing strategy a serious overhaul.

1. You’re Not Getting Any New Leads

Many enterprises usually send their marketing efforts into the world without tracking the results of their efforts. Businesses keep using the same tactics without knowing if they are achieving their Calgary marketing goals. A decrease in leads is a strong indicator that it is time to reevaluate your Calgary marketing strategy. Most marketers wear a variety of hats these days and are often expected to function as event coordinators, social media experts, business development specialists, web developers, copywriters and graphic designers to mention a few. But the goal of every marketing strategy is to generate leads. Your marketing strategy may be rocking in every other aspect, but if you are not generating any leads, then it’s time to pause and take a step back to reevaluate your strategy.

 2. Your Calgary Marketing Team is Bored

If your marketing team isn’t finding joy (or at least interest) in executing your marketing strategy, take that as a sign that it is time to revamp your Calgary marketing strategy. Marketing is more effective when your sales and marketing teams are integrated which means that your team should be sharing data, results and lead statuses. Both teams must work together in order to maximize efforts. They must understand what a lead looks like and work together to attract, nurture and convert them. If your team is bored and disconnected, then it’s time for an overhaul.

3. Your Engagement is Dropping

According to a study by Google, the web has more than 130 trillion individual web pages, this means that consumers have endless options. If your social media or website engagement is dropping then it is time to identify the issue and solve it. If your strategy does not account for changes and evolution in your target audience, then they will look elsewhere for a brand that meets their needs.

So how can you determine if the preferences of your audiences’ have changed? It’s simple. Just listen. Whether it is by means of a qualitative research initiative, social listening program or a regular voice of customers via market surveys, there are a variety of ways to know your audience’s top considerations. Marketers generally stay focused on what they are going to say and forget to listen to the consumer. A sound marketing strategy that can sustain audience engagement should be based on understanding and addressing consumer perceptions, pain points and preferences.

4. Platforms Update Their Algorithm

All platforms update their algorithm as time passes to keep up with an ever-changing digital landscape. Algorithms are routinely updated as new technologies and markets arise. If your marketing strategy is 2+ years old, then it’s probably time to begin working on an update. The pace at which change occurs is exponential today to the point that one marketing plan can’t be effective enough if it gets older than 24 months. Content marketing, programmatic buying, account-based marketing, and customer analytics are a few of many newer options worthy of consideration. Experts recommend that you revisit the strategy on your platform after every 12-18 months to make sure it is always aligned with your core values while allowing you to take advantage of the constant emerging opportunities.

5. Your Graphics Look Outdated

60% of buying decisions are made before a prospect even contacts your enterprise. How do they decide to that buy? One way is online research. If your website is unprofessional or dated then it is time to adjust your strategy. Many businesses use their website as a brochure that explains who they are and what they offer. But your website can only bring leads to your business if it has high-quality content and graphics. 94% of people show distrust to a website if its design is outdated. That means every few years, your site has to be refreshed. You can’t stay stagnant and expect leads. You need to change with the market.

6. You Want to Take Your Business in a New Direction

Another reason to reevaluate your marketing strategy is if you want to take your business in a new direction. If any of the above-mentioned points ring true for your enterprise, it may mean that the time has come to take your business in a new direction or take a new approach and reassess your Calgary marketing strategy. Begin with your business objectives for the coming 4-8 quarters relating to sales volume and customers. Map out communications and tactics channels that will help you accomplish your objectives.


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