17th Jan 2018

Calgary Web Design: Why Your Website Copy Is Important

The success of your website is heavily dependent on your content; pictures, videos and your website copy. You copy is perhaps the most important content of your web design. Your website must go beyond creating content to writing genuine copy that will address the need of your readers and persuade them to take action. Copy helps direct search engines to your site, inform and engage your readers and convert them to customers.

A copy that will get you the results you desire have the following characteristics.

–    Focused on the customer.

When people visit your website, their priority is not knowing about you or your company. They want to know if you can solve their problems or meet their needs. Your copy should be focused on what you can do for them. You should use second person pronouns (you and your). This helps you open a conversation with them.


–    Useful.

When writing a copy addressed to the customer, you don’t want to write about solving general problems. You should specify on one particular problem you can solve for them and how you plan to do so. Think of questions your customers may type on search engines. For example, “how can I reach 1000 followers on Instagram?”

Your web design needs to provide answers to this question in your headline and throughout your article.  Your headline will be something like, “Learn how to grow your Instagram page to 1000 followers using hashtags.”


–    Be specific.

Your website is supposed to provide solutions for your audience. there is no point in creating a solution and then hide it away. When you have done the job of getting the user to open a blog post, for example, you want them to be able to see and know the solution you’re providing on time and with ease. Make usre your web design highlights the most important aspects of your business and FAQ’s.

Is your solution one-on-one coaching? Is it a book they need to buy? Or an online course? You cannot be vague about the way you are solving the problems of your customer.


–    Be unique.

Your readers probably have seen a thousand copies online. Your job is to make yours sound different. This means you need to present your solution in a new way, solve the problems in a new angle and persuade your readers to think differently. The difference could be in your choice of words or even your presentation. Be bold and take risks. You may not get the first time. Measure the success or failure of different methods and adjust.


–    Induce the fear of missing out.

One of the most persuasive methods of writing a good copy is to create the fear of missing out in your audience. You do this by simply telling them they would miss out on something life changing if they don’t make a decision now. You do this by painting a picture of what they will lose if they don’t decide now. Make sitting on the fence disturbing.


–    Concise.

People don’t read online content the way they read magazines or books. Instead of reading, they scan. If you want your copy to be persuasive, it has to be ‘scannable’. This means you use quick sentences, short paragraphs and bullet points and numbered lists when discussing your points. You also leave a lot of white space. Writing this way helps your readers to pick the key points in your article without reading every single word.


–    Polished.

Your copy cannot be riddled with typos and grammatical errors. Your readers may be ready to wave away one error but when it starts to pile up, they may not stick around to read it all.

Why your Website copy is important.

Writing a persuasive copy for your web design is not a choice, it is absolutely important. Here are some reasons why.


  1. Catches the attention of your prospects.

As already described above, your copy appeals to the customer because it presents a solution to their problems. With a good copy, the customer knows they will find an answer to their questions on your website. Once you catch their attention with your copy, you can sell them your solutions. If it is written in a concise manner, they can scan through and see the solutions you proffer to their problems.


  1. Draws prospects into your sales with a strong emotional appeal.

A good copy doesn’t just state the facts to the prospects, it makes them feel. It could be a good feeling by telling them what your solutions will do for them. It could also be the other way round by describing the consequences of not getting your solutions. They are probably already in that situation now so they can relate. Most decisions people make are emotional and you should appeal to that side of them. This is easier to do when you put yourself in the shoes of your prospects.


  1. Convinces prospect of your unique selling proposition.

What is it that your web design provides that the prospects will not find elsewhere? Or maybe not find for your price or your quality? All of these goes in your copy. It is all part of what persuades the prospect to key into the solution you provide. The internet is full of people offering your prospects solutions and they may have found others besides you. If there is nothing you have or do that makes you different, you have to rely on luck for them to choose you. A good copy presents that unique selling proposition to the prospect up front and it makes their decision to choose you easier.


  1. Offers the prospect an incentive to buy today.

Remember how we talked about ‘fear of missing out’? This could create an encouragement for the prospect to buy your solution today. You could also create time-bound promotions that will encourage the prospect to buy at a cheaper rate now. Statements such as ‘while stock lasts’ or ‘limited seats available’ if applicable to you could also provide an incentive for the customer to buy now. All of these statements go in the copy, increasing your chances of converting a prospect to a customer.


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