31st Dec 2018

What Does a Fluctuating SEO Ranking Mean?

Calgary SEO rankings tell you where you rank when people search relevant words in Google or other search engines. You may be searching for a website on search engines, looking into your competition, or just keeping track of your rankings; and then you notice major or minor fluctuations in your rankings.

Fluctuating SEO ranking means that there have been changes in the SERP position of your website. This is a common occurrence and shouldn’t lead to much concern. Fluctuations can affect your business, but keep calm and take these steps to resolve your Calgary SEO woes.

No Need to Panic

There a lot of normal conditions where you can expect to see fluctuating Calgary SEO rankings. You will see more about that later in the article. In this situation, panicking won’t do you any good. If you plan to be in business for a long time you can expect to see fluctuating Calgary SEO rankings. The best thing to do is to keep calm and continue to monitor. Often your ranking will be restored within days, but if you continue to see an issue look into these culprits:

Track Your Rankings over Weeks and Months, Not Days

In order to help control worry and panic since rankings are very important and fluctuations can be sensitive, you should monitor your rankings over longer terms like in weeks and months instead of a day. More reason for this approach is that there will always be fluctuations, and they can happen so many times within short periods.

Why Fluctuations Occur

We should look into the normal reasons for fluctuations and have a better understanding of the situation which your website is facing. The knowledge of these reasons will guide you on the approach with which you can handle fluctuating Calgary SEO rankings, and carefully deal with sensitive issues.

You Have a New website

Coming on board the internet with a good Calgary SEO strategy can get you to the top ranks with SERP for some time, but you should expect rapid fluctuations in SEO rankings that could toss you all around. This could be because of other credible competition that has been there and quite stable before your arrival.

You are not expected to monitor their rankings and observe the keywords which they are ranked for since they have been in the game a little bit longer. Use these discoveries to improve on your new website.

There Has Been an Algorithm change

Google makes changes to their search engine algorithm from time to time, and SEO ranking fluctuations are bound to occur during such periods. Websites that do not meet up with certain checks in the updated algorithm would be ranked lower at this time.

There is Sudden Competition

When there is a recent competition in your niche; it may be a new website or someone who recently optimized their keywords, there will be fluctuations in rankings. Remember to research and improve consistently.

A Change in Trends

Recent discoveries, innovations and trends in many other areas of life affect the way which search results are listed, and your website will experience fluctuations and this is normal. These services are tailored to suit the user, so they should be able to feel the wind of the trends even on the internet.

Temporal interest

Situations of temporary activities and interests like holidays and the trends which they come with can cause SEO rankings to fluctuate. Black Friday sales and activities belong to this group as well.

There’s Been a Content update

There are fluctuating rankings that can be caused by your activities on your website, and updated content, deleted content or entirely new content can be the reason for a fluctuation in rankings to occur.

You’re Suffering From Bad links

The strength of links to the pages of your website plays a major role in the rankings when a search is carried out in relation to your business niche. SEO ranking fluctuation is bound to occur when there are bad links on your website.

Changed URL

When Google discovers a change in URL of a website, it focuses on and investigates the change. This activity may include major fluctuations in rankings and this is a normal situation that does not need you to panic.


The introduction of ads to your website invites the attention of the search engine algorithm, and this attention is capable of fluctuating your rankings on the SERP.

How to React

Now that you know what fluctuating SEO rankings means, why they occur, and that you should not panic when they occur; you are ready to handle SEO rankings in more mature ways.

  • The first advice is that you stay focused on your SEO strategy and do not react to every fluctuation when you are yet to ascertain the cause.
  • The next advice is that you have to compare the fluctuations of your competition, do not only look at their use of keywords. Do the comparison to know whether it is a random and false fluctuation by the search engine, or whether it is just you.
  • Make sure you measure your website rankings with organic traffic flow, the metrics of traffic is the aim of your rankings. So, your traffic will tell you whether you are doing some things right or wrong.

When to Be Concerned

We have always said you should not panic, we did not mean that you are not to show concern in situations of a ranking fluctuation. These are the few signals that need your attention to be corrected when fluctuation occurs;

  • When your website drops in the rankings of many different pages in the same period; this problem is specific, and cannot be a general or false fluctuation.
  • When the organic traffic to your website reduces seriously, then you have problems on your hands.
  • When you notice that it is only your website that is currently experiencing a fluctuation among competitors, then you should pay detailed attention to your SEO Calgary marketing strategy.

You can do these few measures as you try to fix your problem;

  • Check for a report on updates on the search engine.
  • Visit your webmaster console to confirm that there is no manual action being taken on your website.
  • Calmly correct any problems if discovered.

You are all set to deal with fluctuating Calgary SEO rankings now that you have all the information that explains what it means and how you can handle it. Feel free to make reference to this article when you need to be reminded of a thing or two.


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