22nd Mar 2017

Corporate Web Design Company: How They Can Elevate Your Brand

Companies that have been around for long enough to become a corporate enterprise can get stuck in their ways. Just having a website isn’t enough anymore. A corporation’s website needs to convey their professionalism and status. Hiring a corporate web design company will help your business put their best foot forward. The prestige of your brand will be conveyed by working with a corporate web design company that understands what it means to be a high-powered company with many clients and employees. Hiring a qualified company that is used to working with corporations will make the process quick and painless… Well, maybe just painless, because quality web design is rarely quick.

When you have a prestigious brand, it is important to go with a corporate web design company that will build you a custom site. A cookie cutter web design service will be fine for a start-up, but a corporation needs something a little more personalized.

In 2018, it isn’t enough to just have a website. You need a website that incorporates the latest in technology to show that your business is on the cutting edge of technology. This is especially important if you work in a field like a tech, design or other fields that consumers would expect to be up to date with web design trends.

Before we talk about the content of your website, think about the feeling of your website. Modern corporate web design should embrace a straightforward design that focuses on minimalism. By limiting the amount of clutter on a page you will showcase your company’s efficiency. If you are a real estate company, you may want your design to convey luxury. If you are a finance firm, you might want your brand to express trust. Whatever feeling you want for your website your corporate web design company should be able to convey it without any words, by designing a website that evokes these emotions within the consumer.

You want your website to tell your companies story. The first part of the content you want to zero in on is what your company message is. What are your values, what are your goals? Think of how you can condense this message into a few words. Make it so the user realizes your companies message right away. Consumers have a notoriously short attention span, so it is best to get your message across in a few short words.

To give your website a modern look there are a few elements that are hot right now. One design feature you will see incorporated into modern web design is large graphics that cover the entire screen. For bonus points, consider adding an auto-play video in the background. You want to ensure that these images have a high-quality resolution. If the images you use aren’t up to par it can diminish the quality of your brand.

The information on your website should be easy to navigate. There are several ways to do this. You could incorporate a custom infographic, informative tiles or a hamburger drop-down menu. These are some classic ways that corporations can make the information on their website easy to navigate and user-friendly. Another way to make your website user-friendly? Make everything clickable. Users love to click on images to get more information on what they’re interested in.

The former elements will give your corporate website a professional feel that instills trust in your clients and potential clients. Creating a corporate website should be a process that is thorough and thoughtful. If you rush the process, it will be apparent in the design.