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9th Sep 2019

9 Ways Your Small Calgary Business Can Get Involved in the Community

The value of a small business to local communities cannot be overemphasized. They bring a feeling of uniqueness, charm and character to the neighbourhood in addition to being the backbone of their community. Not only do they service and supply their town, but they help to keep money and jobs in the hands of the community. They offer many quantifiable and concrete benefits to their employees and resident. Here are nine ways your small Calgary business can get involved in their community and flourish alongside their hometown.

9 Ways Your Small Calgary Business Can Get Involved in the Community

Join a Community Board

Serving on a local community board is one of the best ways to get involved in the activities in your area. All you need to do is to look for a board that is in line with your interest and aligns with your businesses goals. Regardless of the local board, you become part of, you have a platform to connect with influential people across various industries. This is also a good way to gather local market insights and learn more about your community! Knowledge is power people!



Volunteering in your community is one of the easiest ways to get involved and learn more about your neighbours! When you join a volunteer group, you show that you are ready to invest your time in a greater cause. Volunteers are givers as well as team players. The bond fostered through volunteering is one than any organization will readily accept into its coffers. Instead of sharing in the fun alone, do well to encourage your employees to be part of something bigger. This will increase the bond within your organization and make your business stand out in the midst of others. It will build the reputation of your small Calgary business and might be your best option to advertise your brand locally.


Partner with a Non-Profit

Volunteering is a great way to learn more about non-profits in Calgary! And it can be the start of a long-term partnership between your business and a non-profit. Through volunteering, you will meet a variety of lik minded people that can help you get involved further. This is best served if the relationship is forged with leading persons in brands that will complement yours!



If you don’t have the time to volunteer, donating money is the next best thing. Donating or sponsoring a local cause is a good way to endear your brand to the locals and draw attention to your brand. You can also donate materials; lease a property for the use of a local group, event or give out items to improve the standard of living of the local residents. As you donate to a local cause, the residents or benefactors to your donation are more likely to hold your brand in high regard and offer positive referrals. Nonprofits even take the extra steps to mention people and brands who have donated to their cause. Such forms of advertising positively impact your business.


Build Partnerships with Local Businesses

It is very common to find local businesses lending a hand of support to other local businesses. When such patronage takes place, the local economy thrives. When you assist in increasing the sales of neighbours and friends, the money gained remains in the circulation within the local community. In addition, strong bonds are forged in the community. Consider creating a referral program with other like-minded, respected businesses. This will benefit both brands and the community.


Participate in Community Events

Calgary host many different festivals throughout the year. Such events are great opportunities to promote your small Calgary business. During the occasion, set a stand to market your products and services, but do make sure that it is creatively designed to promote the occasion. This is a great marketing opportunity to let locals know what you do.


Host or Sponsor an Event

Hosting or sponsoring an event takes your community involvement to the next level. This gets you in front of a lot of people and lets them know what you do! As you host, include a giveaway contest to catch the eyes of observers and get them to know what your business offers.

Planning and hosting and event builds on the techniques above but goes just one step further. By hosting some of the community events that, you are giving one more reason for people to come in your doors.


Create a Loyalty Program

A loyalty program is a means to honour loyal customers and reward them for transacting with you. This will engage and excite others, as they will want to support a brand that recognizes its customers.


Ask for Feedback

Asking locals for feedback assures them that you care about the quality of services. It shows interest in their welfare, and gives provides you with the right information to improve your services. Ultimately, asking for feedback from local is a great marketing approach for your small Calgary business.


What are some of the ways that your small Calgary business gets involved in the community?