26th Aug 2016

Why Do Businesses in Calgary Need a Marketing Firm to Back Them Up?


With 90% of the population using the Internet on a daily basis, Calgary is one of the most digitally active cities in all of Canada.With a population of approximately 1.2 million people, there are 1 million people in the city who use the Internet during the course of their everyday lives. At the same time, this booming city has over 55,000 businesses and enterprises of different sizes within the boundaries of the city, and although 2016 has brought about a big recession for the city (which has caused a number of businesses to close down) a significant percentage of businesses have continued during this phase and have earned sizable profits. So why do business need a Calgary marketing firm to back them up? Here’s why:


After talking to a few of these business owners, we have come to understand that the trick to making sure your revenues are sustainable during troubling times is proper marketing. These businesses all had a Calgary Marketing Firm taking care of their marketing needs and in times of recession, these marketing firms came up with the best techniques to bolster sales.

The restaurant scene in Calgary is a thriving one, but this scene was also hurt during the recent recessions. We have seen restaurants with intriguing menus and gorgeous interiors close down but we have also seen a few coffee shops thriving. A Calgary-based marketing executive told us that the secret to making sure that your restaurant’s sales keep on being sustainable is to focus on the cheaper items on the menu rather than going for the ones that cost big bucks. Most marketing firms handling restaurants in Calgary shifted to marketing out the items of cheaper prices on the menu to keep sales up, and that strategy has worked out well for all the restaurant businesses that are coming out of this phase alive.

Aside from the effects of the recession, it’s always better to have a local marketing firm handling your marketing than an offshore one, because local firms will have a better idea of your target audience, as well as being able to pick up on local trends. Being around a few clothing stores in Calgary that effectively engage in digital marketing, we have received recurring feedback from the business owners that they would be more comfortable entrusting their digital marketing endeavors to a Calgary-based marketing firm, rather than one hundreds of miles away.

While the reasons for this vary from owner to owner, the bottom line remains the same: a marketing firm based in Calgary would have an easier time analyzing the target audience of the businesses and they can use local trends to come up with marketing campaigns that can gain a considerable amount of traction.

Moreover, there’s the issue of competition. While some business owners feel that they can run their businesses without a marketing firm to back them up; it rarely works out. This is because most business owners don’t initially understand the pressure that they are going to have to deal with once their businesses are up and running, and that they won’t have a lot of time to think about marketing their business. The second most vital factor is competition: with the rise of digital marketing, more and more marketing firms in Calgary are encouraging their clients to shift to digital marketing, and in the era of digital marketing, if you are hours late to catch up on a marketing trend, you might lose out on huge amounts of revenue.

While most B2C businesses are already actively engaged with marketing firms in Calgary, some B2B businesses are also catching. Recent statistics show that there is a consistent rise among B2B businesses in entrusting their marketing to a third party.  Even buyers in large businesses have also admitted to looking up a company on social media and checking out their reviews before moving forward with any deals; a company that has no presence of social media or with a limited Web presence are not looked at as being credible, thus, they are usually rejected.

Summing up, our experiences of the markets in Calgary has taught us that having a Calgary marketing firm backing you up will not only keep you afloat during tough times, but will also boost your sales throughout the year. Regardless of whether you are running a B2B or a B2C business, having a marketing firm handle all of your business’s marketing challenges will be a huge competitive advantage.