11th Jan 2017

What to Look for in Calgary Graphic Design

What to Look for in Calgary Graphic Design

Finding a good graphic design agency can be a daunting challenge. After all, there is more than one graphic design agency in Calgary, and they all hire top-quality talent. But there’s more to it than just painting a pretty picture–the right design agency takes many things into consideration when they take on a project. Here are some things you should consider when hiring from Calgary graphic design agencies.

Any Calgary graphic design agency should be easy to work with. You should be able to get a hold of them without too much trouble, and everyone you talk to should be friendly and helpful. Being easy to work with makes the project go smoothly and makes it more likely for clients to come back, so any agency that isn’t easy to work with won’t be worth your time.

Professional graphic designers are punctual to meetings and for important phone calls. They respond quickly to emails and messages. While it is important that they are friendly, you should also be sure that you’re dealing with professionals who can get the job competently done by the deadline. They should be careful with your information and treat all of your sensitive info as confidential. What are their security practices? Are they willing to offer and sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement? If there are extra fees, such as for printing, do they let you know up front?

A good portfolio is the backbone of an artist’s work. An agency worth working with is going to be one that features a strong body of work. Can the designers produce strong, unique work that leaves a real impression? Do you like it? Do you feel like their work is strong enough to represent your company, your goals, your brand? Are their illustrators able to take your ideas and create a strong logo?

The importance of the brand is always obvious to the right Calgary graphic design agency. Strong branding is the real key to drawing in customers and turning ideas and visuals into success. Arc Reactions is an expert at helping you create a strong brand. A great logo and cohesive design are some of the biggest aspects of the brand development process.

A good Calgary graphic design agency will have a great website. It should be easy to navigate, with a portfolio of their work available to peruse. They should have an easy to find contact page with a phone number, address, and an email address. It should be aesthetically pleasing and a distillation of their work as designers.

When you’re looking for the right partners, you don’t want to beat around the bush. You want someone who will get down to business and give you a quote that matches the size of your project and the scope of what you need done. Whether you’re creating a brand from scratch or you’re bringing a pre-existing brand that needs an aesthetic update, the right Calgary graphic design agency is going to give you a quote that actually matches the work.

Customer service is key. Your agency should be able to do more for you than just graphic design – how do they treat you when you call or email? Are your calls returned promptly and courteously? You are a client and a customer and you should be treated with respect.

Have you heard good things about any Calgary graphic design agencies? References, press, and reviews are key to finding the best design agency for your needs. A good agency will keep references and testimonials on file to prove that they are a company worth working with. If you know someone that has worked with the design agency you’ve chosen, ask them about it. What was their experience like?

Time management on any project is key. You are depending on your graphic design agency to deliver by the deadline. A good agency is always happy to keep you informed of the project status and the progress they’ve made so far.

Flexibility is important. Sometimes, things come up and you need to change details. Any Calgary graphic design agency should be able to work with you to adjust the project and work with you to keep the project on track and running smoothly.

Of course, most importantly of all – does your Calgary design agency hire the best designers and artists? Does their work stand out against the competition? Can they take ideas and brand identities and distil them into logos that are powerful and memorable?

No company can be their best without strong visuals and logos. Here at Arc Reactions, we believe a creative, inclusive approach to graphic design is the best for your product. Images are key to great branding. Whatever your needs, the best in Calgary graphic design is at your fingertips. Using these benchmarks, you’re sure to find the best graphic design agency for your project and company needs.